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Bonny Peace Summit: APC hails Amanyanabo-in-Council



a joint meeting of Amanyanabo-in-Council, Titled Citizens and Political Stakeholders in Bonny was held at King Perekule Palace. The meeting, which was intended to reconcile all differences arising from the botched Presidential and National Assembly elections in Bonny and to prevent a reoccurrence, was presided over by the Amanyanabo himself, King Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple III.

The All Progressives Congress, Bonny chapter expresses her profound gratitude to the King, Chiefs and Titled Citizens of Bonny Kingdom for their efforts towards a peaceful and cordial political environment in Bonny Kingdom.

However, it is regrettable that in less than 24 hours after a meeting of such magnitude convened and presided over by the Amanyanabo himself and subsequent signing of undertaking by representatives of the two dominant political parties, the APC and PDP, our brothers and sisters of the PDP have taken actions that negate the conciliatory spirit of the exercise by running to the media to give out uncomplimentary and negative reports against the APC, Bonny Chapter.

To us, that action was ostensibly taken by the PDP to discredit the APC, make a political capital and, possibly, please their paymaster somewhere, who had mandated them during their campaign in Bonny to win at all costs, or risk being rendered irrelevant, politically.

As a political party which comprises men and women of exceptional nobility and proven integrity, we will not fold our arms and watch our political opponents paint us in very dark colours, demonize and portray us in bad light before the innocent public.

Therefore, in order to put the records straight, below is the text of the undertaking signed by both parties and all critical stakeholders:

Joint Meeting of Amanyanabo-In-Council, Titled Citizens’ and Political Stake Holders, At the King Perekule Palace Hall, Bonny, Held On Wednesday 27th February, 2019

An Undertaking


Sequel to the breach of peace that occurred on Saturday the 23rd of February, 2019 that led to the cancellation of elections in Bonny and the attendant hardship and disenfranchisement of the Bonny people in the Presidential and National Assembly Elections, Amanyanabo-In-Council has called on the political parties and political stakeholders to undertake as follows:


  1. That no political party or its Representatives shall take actions that would be detrimental to the interest of Bonny Kingdom.


  1. That no political party or its Representatives shall engage in any act of thuggery or sponsorship of same in the bid to have an advantage in the elections in Bonny Kingdom.


  1. That all political matters must remain and political, and shall not extend to individual rights to brotherly relationship.


  1. That no political party or its Representative shall use State Security apparatus to intimidate, harass or destroy the peace in the bonny Kingdom in the bid to have an advantage to the detriment of the Kingdom.


  1. That all political stakeholders shall put the interest of Bonny first in all political decisions and actions.


  1. That in the event of the disregard or flouting of this peace undertaking recourse shall be made to His Majesty for sanctions against any individual or political stakeholder not withstanding his/her position.


  1. Any tittle citizen found to have flouted this undertaking shall after investigation be decisively sanctioned.


This peace undertaking is made this 27th Day of February, 2019 under the sign and seal of Amanyanabo-In-Council.


Signed and sealed by Bonny Political Parties and Stake Holders:


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Bonny


  1. Hon. Amasenibo Rodaford LongJohn
  2. Hon. Amasenibo Simon Hart
  3. Hon. Amaopusenibo Randoph Brown
  4. Hon. Amasenibo Abinye B. Pepple
  5. Hon. David Rogers Irimagha
  6. Hon. Amaopuorubo Toru Ofili
  7. Hon. Amb. Charles Tonye Jumboo
  8. AMB. Vitoria Allison
  9. Madam Lali Green
  10. Hon. Isobonye Tobin


All Progressives Congress (APC) Bonny


  1. Amasenibo Israel Waribo Pepple
  2. Hon. George Tolofari
  3. Amasenibo Edward E. Pepple
  4. Hon. Omuso Abbey
  5. Amaopusenibo Fubara K. Hart
  6. Mrs. Dabota Jumbo
  7. Hon. Henry Halliday
  8. Amaopusenibo Nelson Ben-Irimagha
  9. Hon. Adiesigha Halliday
  10. Adolf Ransom Pepple


SE-Alabo, Amb. Dagogo Claud Wilcox, FSS, psc, JP, MON

Chairman, Bonny Chiefs’ Council.

Se-Alabo Arthur Wellie-Pepple, PhD, FCAI, Msonta, AAGDD

Secretary Bonny Chiefs’ Council.

Amaopusenibo Sir Fred S. Pepple

Gen. Secretary, Tittle Citizens’ Assembly.

In consideration of the above, the All Progressives Congress, Bonny Chapter, urges the general public to disregard any other information being released by the PDP, as it is intended to hoodwink them and turn them against the APC.

The All Progressives Congress, Bonny Chapter views the action of the PDP, Bonny as totally disrespectful to the Amanyanabo, the Chiefs and Titled Citizens who have made rigorous efforts to ensure a peaceful coexistence and mutual interplay between the APC and PDP in Bonny.

By the actions of the PDP, Bonny which is totally against the peace meeting and the undertaking signed thereafter by representatives of the APC and PDP in Bonny, as well as stakeholders, the APC respectfully calls on the traditional institution to take note of who actually were the perpetrators of the violence that led to the cancellation of the February 23 presidential and national assembly elections in Bonny.

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Agbaje: I’m Still In PDP



The Lagos State Governorship Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Jimi Agbaje, has said no one would force him to quit the party.

He attributed insinuations that he had dumped PDP to mischief-makers determined to soil his reputation, provoke crisis within the party and dampen the spirit of party members and his supporters.

In a statement by his Director of Media and Publicity, Felix Oboagwina, Agbaje denied jumping ship, saying, PDP remained his party.

“I have never discussed with anyone any plan to dump PDP, neither has such a prospect crossed my mind” he maintained. “There is no reason for it. It is uncalled for.”

He vowed to remain in the party, despite the campaign of calumny being waged against him in the media by a few leaders.

The PDP flag-bearer said he only on Monday released a message encouraging members to rise above the questionable defeats suffered in the last election and maintain faith in the party, and that it would be contradictory for him to suddenly turn tail and flee the same party.

“For a party that has twice accorded me the honour of running on its platform, I should be regarded as uncharitable to say I am abandoning PDP now,” Agbaje submitted.

According to him, recent vituperations in the press and social media against his person and his role in the last election were the machinations of political featherweights and did not warrant any response.

Agbaje said: “Suffice to say that Chief Layi Ogunbambi’s claim of being denied funds as Director-General of Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign Council in Lagos State amounted to attempting to build something on nothing. For starters, the position he lays claim gives him no locus standi as no such formal position existed in the entire campaign structure of PDP in Lagos or any of the other 35 states.”

Reacting to Ogunbanmbi’s angst, Agbaje pointed out that the man who paraded himself as the DG of the Atiku/Obi Presidential Campaign Council, had his wife, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Ogunbambi, contesting as gubernatorial candidate in Lagos State against PDP on another party platform!!Serious Conflict of Interest.

“I, as the gubernatorial candidate of the party in Lagos, was Chairman of the PDP Presidential Campaign in Lagos. Mr. Leke Osikoya was the State Campaign Director. The national body recognised and related with us accordingly. The title of Director General was reserved for the national campaign council. If there was an Atiku/Obi Presidential Campaign it would have, at best, been a Support Group.

“Dr. Ogunbanmbi also went to the extent of stating his contributions financially and policy wise to my campaign. This is news to me. May be he should tell the world his financial contributions to my campaigns. There is no time I have ever sat with Dr. Ogunbanmbi to discuss policy issues.”

Agbaje, also, shrugged off allegations he pilfered campaign funds.

“I was not given one kobo by the party or the PDP Presidential Candidate for the gubernatorial elections. We ran our campaign from beginning to end on a shoe-string budget. You cannot steal or divert what is not given,” he said.

According to him, resources sent for the Presidential and National Assembly elections were disbursed as per instructions received, and the source had shown satisfaction with the exercise.

All the fuss stems from the from the fact that, contrary to the Lagos PDP tradition of sharing money to leaders, Agbaje disbursed funds direct to candidates, as instructed.

His words: “The era of taking a share of what is not ours must stop in our party. The bitterness is from those who find it difficult to believe that money can be channelled without a ‘cut’ being taken. Leaders must lead by example.”

Responding to a former Lagos PDP Chairman, Captain Tunde Shelle, who had accused him of failing to run an inclusive campaign, Agbaje accused him of approaching equity with his questionable records in office.

He said: “That this former Chairman of the party in Lagos state can accuse anyone of mismanagement of funds baffles me. He so mismanaged party funds during his tenure that he ‘forgot’ to keep money aside to pay several years’ rent for the party secretariat! Funds to run rallies in the 20 LGAs during the 2015 campaigns were not forthcoming from the party under this chairman. His ignoble role can never be forgotten. His recent statement confirms that he obviously supported another party candidate for the gubernatorial elections.”

Dismissing other allegations raised against him, Agbaje pointed out that he relinquished the management of his firm, Jaykay Pharmacy Ltd. in 2005 into the post of non-executive Chairman. Notwithstanding, neither he nor the company handled any contract from any State or Federal Government. He is not a government contractor.

He also denied being a mole for APC or its National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, both of whom, he said, suffered from the butt of his campaign.

His words: “My campaigns have been very clear on where the blame of bad governance in Lagos State should lie. It baffles me how the same people I hold responsible for the bondage we find ourselves in Lagos will be funding me to sabotage my party, PDP. I have never collected a single kobo from the ruling party in Lagos State directly or indirectly nor from its leadership or representatives.”

Charging Dr. Dominic with anti-party activities, Agbaje said the man confessed, at an open meeting of leaders, to having worked for another candidate at the polls.

“It is an open secret that a few party leaders took a position not to support my candidature after my victory at the party primary elections. Their song was, ‘Vote Atiku in and forget Jimi Agbaje’,” he recalled.

“Those party leaders who stood on the sidelines or worked against the party in the elections should not be fooled that the loss at the elections was as a result of their negative actions. They should not arrogate to themselves powers they do not have. The elections were lost due to the intimidation of people which in turn led to voter apathy such that Lagos recorded the lowest percentage turnout in the country”.

In the final analysis, it would be foolhardy for any individual or party to write off PDP as a sinking ship, especially in view of the credibility crisis and falsification of results that largely characterised the last elections in places where the party supposedly suffered defeat nationwide.

“PDP remains Nigeria and Lagos State’s best option to the perfidy, corruption and impunity characterising governance today,” Agbaje said. “We have strong hope that some of the wrongs against the party at all levels will be corrected by the tribunals. Truth will prevail.”

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Abia 2019: Why Ikpeazu Won with a Landslide



By Jude Ndukwe

The March 9 governorship poll has come and gone in Abia, and the people have since moved into post-election mood and activities. They have also since resumed their normal businesses after the rigours of what was an intense campaign period for some and simply a test of popularity for others.

The final result as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is as follows: PDP: 261,127; APC: 99,574; APGA: 64,366

The good news about the governorship election in Abia is that while some other States are still at it, grappling with needless violent deaths of not few Nigerians starting from when campaigns were flagged off last year, the conduct in Abia recorded no violence.

The free, fair, transparent, credible and violence-free conduct of the election in Abia State can be attributed to the peaceful and gentlemanly nature of the governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, who does not see any election as a Do-or-Die affair but simply the exercise of the people’s rights to freely choose their leaders. Despite all the shenanigans of his opponents, the bitterness of their campaigns, their twisting of facts to suit their warped narratives, their belligerent posturing etc, the governor never replied in kind. He was rather busy telling the people what he had done and the need to reelect him so as to continue to take Abia on the path of irreversible prosperity.

Abians are peace loving people. That is why the State has remained one of the most peaceful States in Nigeria under Ikpeazu, and it showed during the election, so that no matter how good one’s manifesto is, belligerent posturing put them off. After their ugly experiences in the past, there was no way Abians were going to elect anyone of bellicose nature to lead them and cause bitter divisions among them based on party and or tribal lines, entrench crime and criminalities and turn the state to a breeding ground for hoodlums. So, it was only natural that they queued behind Dr Okezie Ikpeazu who has been able to restore Abia to a State of peace which Abians earnestly craved for before the coming of the incumbent.

It is instructive to note at this point that in a report  by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), for election-related killings between November 16, 2018 to March 10, 2019, while neighbouring States like Imo, Enugu, Anambra, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, recorded 2, 1, 8, 55, 4 and 2, respectively, Abia recorded no single casualty.

The massive infrastructural development taking place in Abia is another factor that got Ikpeazu an easy reelection. With 74 road projects completed and over 90 others of strategic importance to the people and the State ongoing, Abians knew that they have never had it so good and reelecting Ikpeazu based on this was a no brainer.

Having constructed 4 new Model Schools, 359 new classroom blocks, and renovated about 70 of them across the three senatorial zones of the State, the educational sector of Abia received a massive boost under the governor to the extent that the State sits with pride atop all other States of the federation in WASCE in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and still counting, and could not be dislodged by others no matter their resources.

Abia has remained the only State throughout the federation where all her primary school pupils are fed in school every school day. While the federal government feeds children of Primary 1 – 3 nationwide, Abia feeds her pupils from Primary 4 – 6, despite her lean resources, thereby making her the only State of the federation where all her primary school pupils are fed every school day.

The result of this massive investments keep showing in the result the State posts every year in WASCE and other external exams.

This investment has also seen the State owned university, Abia State University, Uturu (ABSU), improve massively in the National Universities Commission (NUC) ranking, from 96th when Ikpeazu assumed office in 2015 to currently being in the first 10.

The revolution in agriculture where over 4 million high yielding tenera palm seedlings have been distributed to farmers is another factor that has endeared the governor to Abians of all status. Government-supported mushroom farming, poultry clusters and local rice production have all empowered many Abians.

The infrastructural development of the state and the peace she is enjoying under Ikpeazu have also given massive boost to the governor’s objective of attracting foreign investors to the state. The Enyimba Economic City, EEC, which is the governor’s prime investment creation and already labeled the “Dubai of Africa” by global investors has already attracted massive foreign direct investment to the extent that the World Bank rated Abia as the third most preferred investment destination for foreign investors after Abuja and Lagos in that order, for the last quarter of 2018.

The deliberate policies put in place by the Ikpeazu administration for Ease of Doing Business have also earned the state a rating as the fifth best state in that area, hence, giving the State the needed edge above others for investors.

Also, Dr Ikpeazu’s commitment to SME development in the State has earned him several awards including one from the federal government even though he is of a different party from the government at the centre. He has been aggressively leading the “Made in Aba” campaign to a huge success to the extent that the military and some paramilitary organisations have ordered for thousands of pairs of booths from Aba entrepreneurs. This is in addition to the fact that the government of Ikpeazu sponsored thirty of the Aba shoe and other leather works manufacturers to China to enhance their skills and acquire the requisite modern technological know-how to improve both quality and quantity of their works. The thirty young entrepreneurs have since returned and are in the process of cascading down their newly acquired knowledge to others back home. This is more so as the governor has acquired the needed advanced shoemaking machines for their use.

There have been revolutions also in the health sector where medical facilities are now easily accessible to all citizens of the State just at the dial of a number in the Dial-a-Doc Telehealth Initiative. This is particularly beneficial to the aged who might not have the strength to visit a health facility and are either attended to via telephone or visited by the mobile medical staff of the state. These are all in addition to 4 new General Hospitals built by the governor and strategically located in different parts of the State in addition to the already existing ones.

There is hardly any sector or population group in Abia State that the governor has not touched directly. It is therefore not surprising that long before the March 9 governorship election, Dr Ikpeazu had received a gale of endorsements from notable groups including political blocs, religious groups, traditional rulers, civil servants, artisans, traders, entrepreneurs, professional bodies, student and youth groups, women groups etc.

Among all the contenders, it was only Dr Okezie Ikpeazu who ran a comprehensive and energy sapping campaign that took him round all the 17 local government areas of the state despite his extremely tight schedule as governor. His wife, Deaconess Nkechi Ikpeazu also took to the streets vigorously campaigning for her husband from one local government to the other. While all these were on, the other candidates locked up and made themselves comfortable within the confines of their air conditioned campaign offices without reaching out to the people even if in, at least, five local governments of the 17 in the State. Throughout the campaign, a majority of Abians could not reach nor interact with them in person. They cordoned themselves off from the people and only made feeble attempts to reach out to the electorate through the media and social media which, most rural people where the bulk of votes come from, do not even have easy access to. While Ikpeazu was busy selling himself, his programmes and projects to the people in person, and even featured several times on all the radio stations in Abia State in no holds barred phone-in programmes, others were relying on “federal might” and “red eyes” for magic! Tragic!

From the foregoing, no objective political observer would be surprised at Ikpeazu’s landslide victory at the last governorship poll.

His case was even made easier by the Charter of Equity as bequeathed by Abia’s founding fathers which stipulates that, for the sake of fairness and peace, the Abia State governorship should be rotated among the three senatorial zones of Abia North, Abia Central and Abia South. Having taken their own turns from 1999 – 2007 (Abia North through Orji Uzor Kalu), and from 2007 – 2015 (Abia Central through Senator T.A. Orji), it was only fair and just that the people of Abia South where Ikpeazu hails from be allowed to complete their own eight years of two tenures as did his predecessors. This is more so given the achievements of the incumbent which have more than justified the Charter.

There was no way Abians were going to jettison the Charter just to satisfy the selfish yearnings of few politicians who hail from the same senatorial zones that had already taken their turn at the governorship in the past. That would have been a recipe for disaster in the State. To avoid such a political catastrophe, Abians overwhelmingly rejected the other contenders and stuck with Ikpeazu in order to preserve the sanctity of the Charter of Equity that has been an effective template for the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the other in the state, hence, Ikpeazu’s landslide victory at the polls had long been foretold by political historians and scientists, and unfolded as expected based on the variables enumerated above and even more!

An attempt by anyone to challenge this people-oriented election in court will court the people’s anger against such a person and will further diminish the little of what is left of the person’s image before the people.; Twitter: @stjudendukwe

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BREAKINGNEWS: Ihedioha wins Imo guber election



It is official. At last, former House of Representatives deputy speaker, Emeka Ihedioha of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has won the Imo State gubernatorial election polling a total of 273,404 votes. 

Ihedioha brushed aside the stiff challenges mounted by Uche Nwosu, the son-in-law of the incumbent governor, Rochas Okoroacha, to clinch the victory. Nwosu finished in the second position in the contest.

According to the state Returning Officer, Professor Francis Otunta, Vice-Chancellor, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike,  Abia State, in a declaration made at 11pm on Monday night, Nwosu of the Action Alliance (AA), polled a total of 190.364 votes.

The governorship candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) Ifeanyi Ararume, placed third in the election, scoring 114,676, with All Progressives Congress (APC)’s Hope Uzodinma finishing in the fourth position with 96,458 votes.

Ihedioha was victorious in 11 of Imo’s 27 local government areas; Nwosu won in 10, Ararume in four while Uzodinma took the rest three.

 Source:The Sun
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