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One of the biggest mistakes this country ever made was to allow APC to come into power in Nigeria. It must be sent packing in 2019.

The PDP dodged a bullet; a bomb even with the conduct of its presidential primaries a few days ago. This was conducted in a calm, serene and collected manner. There were no riots. No bombs went off to mark the process as “do or die.” Nobody got killed, maimed or injured. The party did not find it necessary to insult the intelligence of Nigerians by boasting that it now has millions upon millions of fictitious members. Everything was as smooth as silk.

The same could not be said of the APC. There is one word that comes to mind describing APC politics today: “shambolic.” APC primaries are characterized by violence, tear gas and acrimony. At the presidential level, the party virtually prevented other aspirants from competing against Buhari. It then showed its contempt for Nigerians by claiming the president, as a sole candidate, obtained a bogus 14.8 million votes.

Every right-thinking Nigerian knows the APC does not have a membership even half that size. Neither can it count such a large number of votes within a few hours.

True democracy

The PDP, on the other hand, showed Nigerians it is now one of the few truly democratic parties in the country today. The list of contenders for its presidential ticket was top-heavy with men of timber and caliber.

On the ballot were such “juggernauts” as Atiku Abubakar, former vice-president of Nigeria; Bukola Saraki, current president of the senate; Aminu Tambuwaal, current governor of Sokoto; Rabiu Kwankwaso, former governor of Kano; Ibrahim Dankwambo, current governor of Gombe; David Mark, former president of the Senate; Sule Lamido, former governor of Jigawa; Attahiru Bafarawa, former governor of Sokoto; Ahmed Makarfi, former governor of Kaduna; and Jonah Jang, former governor of Plateau.

This who-is-who list of aspirants suggested there would be cat-fights and acrimony. Indeed, many APC supporters were anticipating a free-for-all fight to the finish within the ranks of the PDP. But what happened was exactly the opposite. The PDP primary was open, transparent and devoid of rancor. Atiku emerged the clear winner, polling 1532 votes, more than double that of his closest challenger, Aminu Tambuwaal, who polled 693 votes. Indeed, Atiku received more votes than all his other ten challengers combined, who altogether received only 1372 votes.

Remarkably, and for the first time in Nigeria’s recorded political history, all the losers in the primary congratulated the winner and pledged to support him. No one complained of rigging. No one spoke of foul play. In spite of the stakes involved, the PDP convention to choose its presidential flagbearer turned out to be one happy family affair.

Anti-corruption masquerade

But, true to form, APC was the exact opposite. The party uses a loud megaphone to proclaim its hypocritical anti-corruption credentials. Nevertheless, it could only hold primaries riddled with blatant corruption. In Lagos, the official umpire rejected the declared results, claiming no election took place. Then it was forced, as a result of orders from above, to reverse its verdict. In Imo, the governor’s in-law lost an election, but was declared the winner because the election was annulled and re-taken.

At the presidential level, first the nomination fee for the primaries was raised prejudicially from the N27 million of 2014 to N45 million; indicating that the APC has a distinct preference for moneybags steeped in corruption and with money to burn. Then it declared that 2.9 million APC members voted for Buhari in Kano alone; a feat nothing short of outrageous and impossible. It then topped this by announcing that 14.8 million APC members voted for sole candidate Buhari to be the presidential candidate.

So doing, APC laid down the marker that it intends to fabricate votes contemptibly during the up-coming 2019 elections. There would certainly be a problem if, after claiming Buhari received 2.9 million votes from Kano alone during the primaries, it is then discovered that Buhari cannot even get 2 million votes from Kano during the election proper. What it means is that millions of votes can be expected to be pulled out of a hat in 2019, to justify this fictitious result declared during the recent primaries.

Abject failure

The truth of the matter is that, as a party, APC has turned out to be one big joke. A party that achieved virtually nothing in the last four years is nevertheless intent on telling Nigeria and the world that it has grown stupendously in membership and popularity. This is preposterous. In 2014, the party’s acronym of APC stood for All Progressives Congress. Today, the same acronym is now widely derided as All Promises Cancelled. This is because not only could APC not keep the highfalutin promises it made to Nigerians in 2015, it even denied most of them.

In its barely four-year stint in power, Nigeria has moved from the status of being the largest African economy to the derision of being the country with the largest number of poor people in the world. Candidate Buhari promised to make the naira equal to the dollar. However, the exchange-rate of the naira plummeted instead from 198 to the dollar to 360 to the dollar.

The reason was simple. Like Nero, the president fiddled while the financial markets burned. He saw no evil and heard no evil as innocent farmers were slaughtered incessantly by Fulani herdsmen.

Everything went literally from bad to worse right before our eyes. And yet, the APC would like Nigerians to believe that the same man who has presided over this very sorry state of affairs now has unprecedented popularity in Nigeria. The president’s men must really think Nigerians are dunces. This is the same deceit that the APC meted out in the gubernatorial election in Osun where we are meant to believe that people who were not paid salaries for over 2 years still went ahead to vote for the retention of the status quo. The people of Osun must like to suffer. In any case, many of us who refuse to believe these lies are convinced both the Ekiti and Osun elections will ultimately be overturned by the courts.

APC bankruptcy

The truth of the matter is that APC is confronted with an election in 2019 that it cannot win unless it falsifies the vote massively. President Buhari has nothing to show for his tenure. The change he championed has been a change for the worse. In 2014, Buhari dazzled Nigerians by appearing in a western suit and bow-tie for the very first time, in the bid to convince Nigerians and the Western world that this leopard has changed its spots. But that turned out to be one big sham.

Today, the sham continues. The same man who said he could not be expected to treat the electorate who only gave him 5% of their vote the same way as those who gave him 97% is now dressed in the native attires of the 5%. It is pathetic to see Buhari now decked out in Igbo clothes, especially after his government neglected the Igbo, violated the rights of IPOB to demonstrate according to democratic protocols, and intimidated them with pernicious military exercises.

Buhari’s handlers must really think the Igbo and, indeed, Nigerians in general, are fools. Bereft of concrete policies, the Igbo are expected to vote for Buhari because he decided to wear their native attire and the Yorubas are supposed to vote for him because he made an illegal pronouncement; declaring June 12 as Democracy Day without first repealing the law that made May 29 Democracy Day.

Chalk and cheese

One does not have to be a supporter of Atiku to acknowledge that he would be the president that Buhari could never aspire to be. Atiku is one man who has thought seriously about being the president of Nigeria. Therefore, he would certainly not take six months to choose a cabinet of yesterday’s men as Buhari did, become known as Baba Go-Slow, and be celebrated for inconsequential do-nothing policy positions pathetically white-washed as “body language.”

A comparative analysis of the track-record of both men speaks volumes. After his brief spell as military head of state in 1984/85, Buhari did nothing of note for the next 30 years. He did not write a book, give a major policy speech, start a foundation, launch a company or even promote a cause. He only resurfaced briefly as PTF chairman and, at the end of his tenure, PTF was found by the Haroun Adamu commission of inquiry to have been riddled with corruption.

Not so Atiku Abubakar. After 8 years as Nigeria’s vice president from 1999 to 2007, Atiku has remained very active in the public place. He is a co-founder of Intels, an oil-service business with extensive operations in Nigeria and abroad. He is also the founder of the American University of Nigeria (AUN) in Yola, Adamawa State. He has been involved in so many philanthropic projects and is indeed, the largest world-wide donor to the National Peace Corps Association in the United States. Moreover, he has written extensively about Nigeria’s public policy and, as can be expected of a former vice-president, is well-versed in national and international affairs.

Nom de guerre

So how can Buhari prevail against a man with such credentials, credentials that are foreign to our dear president? Don’t expect him to accept any invitation to debate Atiku at any time. The president simply cannot hold his own against Atiku under these circumstances. He is not a match for him at all.
Therefore, expect a lot of shenanigans from the APC between now and election day. Expect the APC party of anti-corruption to probably close down all Atiku’s businesses over the coming weeks and months. That is how the APC candidates run for office, using the instruments of the state to intimidate their opponents. Expect Atiku to be invited by the police on the grounds that he sponsored some armed robbery or the other in some local petrol station. Expect the tax authorities to send him a letter claiming they have suddenly discovered that he has paid no taxes in the last 40 years.

Expect his bank account to be frozen while serious investigation is conducted into various allegations that would suddenly spring up against him. Don’t be surprised if we are even told that Atiku is ineligible to run, because it has now been discovered that the former vice-president of Nigeria is not a Nigerian at all, but a Cameroonian.

It should now be abundantly clear to all and sundry in Nigeria that deception is the nom de guerre of the APC. This party of strange bedfellows has nothing of substance to offer Nigeria. One of the biggest mistakes this country ever made was to allow APC to come into power in Nigeria. It must be sent packing in 2019.

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An Aggrieved Postponement



By Anikulapo Macmillan

We feel the blitzkrieg, that the postponement is because of incapability to conduct an election. It seems that we don’t know that our anguish is becoming a lunar disgrace. This is insalubrious to our umpire. Indeed, this is intentional. As our election becomes a sordid implication in the eye of other Africa countries. So, we have failed woefully as Jack London described in a prerogative way, to his writing: ‘’ when we fail to define integrity that is when we fail to understand our strength’’ it is so painstaking that we have begun to oeuvre on something that is shameful.

The electoral umpire on February 7, 2015 shifted the conduct of the last general elections by six weeks to allow the military to secure the North-East from Boko Haram attacks. The elections, scheduled for February 14 and 28 were later held on March 28 and April 14.

This is Nigeria. A nation that is so melodramatic with her dealing. Prof. Attahiru Jega postponed the election because of insecurity. But now the same umpire comes with a flimsy excuse. It is in Nigeria that we the electorate don’t know that our vote matters. It is our right. And such right is not supposed to be infringed. Thus, Prof. Yakubu Mahmood has failed because he is the same man that releases the time-table of the election to be held on February 16, 2019. So, this election postponement is a disdain to discern our civic duties.

I was ashamed of the country. However, we fail to perform election that has been anticipated in our history. This is like a farce.  Even a provoking decision, that comes during the eve of the election. And it dinged the society to a cesspool of autocracy. Hear him: “Following a careful review of the implementation of its logistics and operational plan and the determination to conduct free, fair and credible elections, the Commission came to the conclusion that proceeding with the elections as scheduled is no longer feasible.

“Consequently, the Commission has decided to reschedule the Presidential and National Assembly Elections to Saturday, 23rd February 2019. Furthermore, the governorship, state House of Assembly and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) area council elections is rescheduled to Saturday 9th March 2019.

Everything comes like this in a country that is incontrovertible with failure. I wonder why, INEC has not done this measure before fixing the date. I seriously feel that we have failed in what is adjunct, to good governance. Meanwhile, we should not lurch our togetherness to an election that will be a comet. It is a comet because it will come and go.

Perhaps, two weeks before the election, INEC should have told Nigerians what is wrong. And if truly, the logistic story is not somewhat crooked; then we should not believe that it is rigging. Probably, the grind of an election is that we need to identify our conscience. To be structured. So, election supposes not to be frenzy.

Well, if the logistic story is seemingly not a lie, maybe we should then believe it to be a blab of ensuring that there will be voters’ apathy. In this same vein, election needs to identify its preparedness. And it is the responsibility of the umpire to have ensured that the electoral process is not tolerance to misfortune. Which is, like the political theory; nothing comes easy without the choice of willingness.

Also, I begin to think, if card readers could be burnt, that mean the electoral umpire is not careful enough to hold an election. It is a failure to the government and Nigerians. That election sensitive material can’t be secured or is it that we still play with election incredibility at this era of our 21st democracy? Yet, we call free, fair and credible election, when the precedent to the election is feed with malicious trickery for a candidate to win the election.

I feel the groan of many voters who come to vote. I feel the pain of our NYSC members who are ready to serve their fatherland with patriotism. In fact, it is now I know that our government is not ready to put thing in place because INEC should have known before now that the election would be postponed. This is what makes me to feel the pain in different discretions. Is it that INEC plays with the electoral act to its selfish interest or to favour a candidate?

Nevertheless, this is a process to our mandate.  It is even our choice and decision to bring a new government in place. But we have allowed INEC to hide underneath an Electroal Act which goes thus: ‘’ Section 26(1) of the Electoral 2010 (As Amended), says: “Where a date has been appointed for the holding of an election, and there is reason to believe that a serious breach of the peace is likely to occur if the election is proceeded with on that date or it is impossible to conduct the elections as a result of natural disasters or other emergencies, the Commission may postpone the election and shall in respect of the area, or areas concerned, appoint another date for the holding of the postponed election, provided that such reason for the postponement is cogent and verifiable.”

And lest I forget, this column has become an eye opener to Nigerians that our only choice is revolution. It is not that we should fight ourselves or to lynch but to read our constitution. Because what INEC has done is a way for us to call the umpire a fabulist. It is a precocious adventure that has misplaced us to less regard. Election should be held with respect but; in Nigeria, we hold election with different kinds of speculations. Shame!

I still say that we are Nigerians but we fear to ask the truth: Is it that INEC can’t conduct the election? Well, be that it is may, the election is a comet of song. A victory of vindictiveness or an offing of lies, that comes to us in a vehement operandi.

Then we need to know that our right is to vote for our candidate before INEC wins us again with its hypocrisy. I still worry on this election brute in my own case. Not that I have forgotten what the late novelist, Chinua Achebe wrote in his famous short story: the man of the people. But this particular folksy character needs to tell us another party to Achebe’s story.

I think we deserve a nation superior than INEC despondency. We need a system of electronic voting that won’t fierce us again with logistic lie in 2023.




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Pendulum: Four Years After, We are Back to Square One




Fellow Nigerians, how time flies indeed. About four years ago, we went through this very ritual, though the election was shifted by six weeks, for reasons we believed was an excuse to get the ruling government better prepared to consolidate its grip on power. Before long, the six weeks arrived, and there was no hiding place. Even as I write this, many doubting Thomases still believe the APC government is not sincerely ready for today’s Presidential election and that it may still spring a surprise on us. Thus, there have been unconfirmed stories of the elections being postponed for a matter of days because of logistic problems. For my own part, I doubt that the authorities will act in such a cavalier manner, particularly as there are numerous local and international observers and world media around. All eyes are on us.

As you know already, my people are never short of conspiracy theories. These have been fuelled by strange events and activities that are occurring very close to E-Day! For example, there have been reports of sporadic fire outbreaks in a few INEC centres, very strange indeed when one considers the proximity of such fires to the election date. However, I have not seen much coverage explaining the magnitude of the respective conflagrations. We have also read reports of some sample ballot papers being found inside many sacks in Kano. Again, no one has come out to explain what any sane human being could be doing with sample ballot papers. The main thing is that PDP is being treated to mind-games in this high-stakes plot, the end of which no one can predict.

Say what you will, I choose to trust two key people in the whole of this election saga. The first is the Chairman of INEC, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, who has already attained the peak of his academic career and would not want to taint and end his distinguished life as a fiendish villain despised by all and treated like a maggot. So far, Professor Yakubu and INEC have managed to acquit themselves well in the preparation and run up to these general elections. They may have blotted their copy book particularly with regard to INEC’s role in the Osun State governorship elections but as this is one of the election cases currently trundling through the courts, I will say no more. It would be the height of foolishness and foolhardiness on his part to lower the bar as set and measured by what his immediate predecessor, Professor Attahiru Jega, achieved with a resounding ovation, barely four years ago. I refuse to imagine that Professor Yakubu would sacrifice his personal reputation and remarkable life, for politicians whose lives have almost expired.

Two. The other important man I choose to trust, almost blindly, although I know little or nothing about him, is the new Acting Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, who recently took over from the querulous, cantankerous and rambunctious Ibrahim Idris who fought more battles against real and imaginary enemies than he tackled the horrendous security challenges in the land. I have taken time to watch and study Adamu, as meticulously as possible, in the short time since he has been appointed acting I-G. and I’m reasonably convinced that he is educated, intelligent, smart, charismatic and cosmopolitan. I am unsure about some of the decisions he has taken, one relating to the re-deployment of Commissioners of Police in Ogun State. It seems to me that this decision is in good faith and is made because of the disgraceful way in which street urchins and thugs were brought into the arena to hurl stones at the President and other APC leaders during the Presidential rally in Ogun State.  This was a remarkable show of shame orchestrated to serve the interest of an opposition candidate and shows the real tragedy that has befallen APC, as the general elections loom. It is inconceivable that the Police would not take steps to ensure that the mayhem that occurred that day is not allowed to repeat itself during the elections. For me, it would be a calamity if it turns out later that I have wasted all these superlative adjectives on another recklessly irresponsible police officer. It is always a pity seeing some overzealous people throw decorum to the winds in order to please a god with feet of clay. Time will tell.

For whatever it means, and because I bear him no grudge, I have said it numerous times, and reiterate, that I personally like President Muhammadu Buhari. His personal attributes particularly his discipline and abstemiousness are worthy of emulation. He has demonstrated in the past that he is a credible person, although that has been put to question by some of the actions that his government has recently been taking. There is a hint of desperation to cling to power which does not augur well for our country or indeed the President himself.  I therefore will wish, and pray, that President Buhari meant every word he uttered in his various promises to the nation that he’ll execute free, fair and credible elections starting from today. I have no reason to doubt him. He is acclaimed as a man of integrity. This is the time for him to prove that he is indeed a man who is passionate about Nigeria and means his word that the country will not be broken up and Balkanised.  God has been very kind to President Buhari and his family. He practically returned from the dead less than two years ago and has somehow managed to steer the ship of State from then till today. Nigerians have not complained too much about the situation they found themselves. Rather, as is typical, they prayed for the restoration of good health to their President and their prayers were answered. Therefore, if Nigerians reject him at the polls, in a free and fair contest today, or whenever it pleases the almighty INEC, he should thank Allah for the uncommon opportunity and grace given to him for the second chance to serve Nigeria as it’s supreme ruler. He should go home in peace, to enjoy quality time with his gorgeous wife, beautiful children and adorable grandchildren. The Presidency is nobody’s personal property or fiefdom. He should take solace in joining the commendable and enviable company of other incumbent Presidents in Africa, like Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria and John Dramani Mahama of Ghana, who made no fuss before accepting defeat in good faith, no matter the secret pains. President Buhari should remember to call his successful opponent, most likely, Atiku Abubakar, and offer his best wishes. I promise, this gesture will turn out to be an icing on Buhari’s cake for final retirement. His apotheosis would also have been guaranteed instantly.

On the other hand, if Atiku Abubakar, fails in a free and fair contest, he should accept his destiny with equanimity. I can understand that it would be a difficult time for him because it has been a long arduous journey for him to eventually land the presidential candidacy and ticket of a mainstream party. It is natural that he and his supporters will feel very disappointed having worked extremely hard to defeat and unseat President Buhari. Atiku should take solace in the fact that he has fought a good fight. His campaign has proceeded in a decent manner and he has concentrated mainly on the issues and not allowed himself to be dragged into the gutter politics that has sometimes been employed against him by some of his more overenthusiastic and fanatical opponents. Atiku must accept that in every contest, only one person can win. As long as the election is free and fair enough, the over-all interest of the country must be considered. Besides, there are remedies already embedded in the electoral act if there has been any unfairness. Justice may tarry, but it will come eventually, no matter how much people may try to manipulate the system and the judiciary.

My only worry is about President Buhari’s footsoldiers. From their utterances and body language, it is obvious that they are spoiling for war and are only ready to go down fighting. They do not seem to care about the outcome of free and fair elections as long as their candidate does not lose. They have boisterously announced to the world, and the President himself has echoed them, that no one can unseat him. That statement may be considered condescending and outrightly arrogant and capable of pouring petrol into the raging fire.

This is very sad because only four years ago, we witnessed the public ignominy suffered by Elder Peter Godsday Orubebe who was busy throwing tantrums like a baby while results of the contest between Buhari and President Jonathan were being announced. It was such a show of shame. Why would the government that came in after that disastrous melodrama repeat the same nonsense? Indeed, on reflection, it seems to me that this Government has in recent times been following the same path to perdition that the PDP and Jonathan followed towards the end of that administration.  It is like history repeating itself.  There is a surreal element of déjà vu playing out. It is my hope that the same silly season and scenario does not repeat itself come the final collation and announcement of results. Nigeria cannot afford such shame and indignity again.

What is wrong with some of the young folks in APC who behave as if they can’t find other things to do expect government work? And because of their own personal avarice and self-aggrandizement, they are unconcerned about the greater good of the greater number of people and their country. No one should ever think of setting Nigeria on fire again. Nigeria has been too kind to these people, and they should, please, leave Nigeria in peace and not in pieces.

From where I stand, I can see very clearly that whatever happens, whenever this election is held, now or in the near future, the ruling government is clearly in trouble and the ruling party has virtually collapsed, with almost no hope of redemption in sight. A house divided against itself that still wishes to stand tall may be mere wishful thinking. APC has abdicated governance and its leadership has started behaving like Emperors and conquerors. The in-fighting is so much that we no longer know who is actually in charge. In all honesty, how can a party that can no longer direct its own affairs, and a President who seems to be clueless about how to maintain party unity, discipline and loyalty, and is apparently not in charge of virtually anything, ask for people’s votes in good conscience? Such a party cannot deliver good governance, much more the change that was promised four years ago. However, it is ultimately the people’s choice as to which road they want to traverse.

From Lagos to Ogun to Adamawa to Imo to Rivers to Zamfara to Kaduna to Delta, it has been one tale of woe or the other. And it all boils down to the refusal of party chieftains to act as true democrats. What is worse, the party has rubbished some of the key figures that brought it to power, many of who have since returned to where they came from, PDP. The major assets that brought Buhari to power have all collapsed and it mainly liabilities that can be seen all around.

The day of reckoning is here. The People will have their say. The contending gladiators must also ensure that the People must have their way. Their choice must prevail no matter whose ox is gored. Nobody is bigger than Nigeria.

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Spectrum: Election, A New Beginning



Anikulapo Macmillan

Nationwide, we have seen motley crowds, when politicians throw hypocritical words to each other. Indeed it is still interesting when, political parties, begin to impose threat on each other on who will win the poll. So, everything is diffident, here; as we fail to understand that politics is surprisingly a practical.  Even George Orwell, in his 1984, novel described a political system that is related to ours; because we fail to understand the truth than the prejudice.

With the reactions, I have seen from the APC and the PDP, I then wonder what is their different. What has made them the choice of an average Nigerian? Is it that they are telling us the truth or what American essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson identified as ‘’ words are signs of natural facts’’

They wear different colognes but they are still the same people. Their conveyances to mega rallies in the country have shown vividness to win with all sorts of tantrums. However, it was on the rostrum, when one of the presidential candidates was saying gibberish. Well, they all say what is vouchsafing from the monies they have given the crowds at the rallies. It is in Nigeria that I have seen politicians promising what can’t be done in four years. Though, it is politics.

The election is bringing different promising and un-futuristic agenda. During the 2015, we were of the drama, and such drama is still being played now like a classic novel title: Great Expectation. Our vote was crammed. Election should be based on maturity but we fail to keep the tenacity up right. We fail to vote for our credence.  Unfortunately, as I saw one of the PDP rallies, I began to mock myself, that Nigerians are gullible— aptly, what came from me was this: ‘’ therefore, we become a dunce, to the lies of a party that has failed for 16 years’’ frankly, what was the achievement of the PDP?

Even the APC, is a party that has turned his rallies, to an avenue to forgive those who are backlists to become saint. The APC, in one of its rallies, the party chairman, had spoken in a croak voice, that anybody that joins the party will be forgiven. Hence, this kind of political crumpet should make Nigerians to vote for their choice.

As the 2019 election comes, Nigerians want a society where they can identify problems without a cumbersome lie then we need to vote wisely. The vestry of anguish in this society has made us to become cupidity; and for this, we have sold our vote for lies.

So, vote with woe. Take yourself with passion. To listen to the presiding officer or any of the assistant presiding officers to check your name from the voter register and listen to instructions. These are the voices we need to create that can make our vote count. Politics in this era is for you and I, to benefit what we are born to enjoy. We just need to grow; out plough, or faceless taut.

Election is for you to grow a seed of your pain in someone’s heart; maybe by wish or paucity. Meanwhile, let vote for our own future in a positive way.  As I do think that we know that Buhari and Atiku are failures to our economy. One is sluggish and one is corrupt. This further bear me in mind, that we have not noticed that; our inequalities are possessed with debauchery.


Spokesman, El Rufai

He is a governor, but, last week, he acted in a new dimension to his profile. For instance, his scurrilous statement is prowess to this administration. He has definitely become a griot of politics. It is a kind of character in the novel of American novelist, Robert Penn Warren. Thus, what he said is presumably, the factor of our politics when political parties run for intervention with foreign envoys.

So, the presidency has seen the opposition parties to lobbying for help. I saw Kaduna state governor political temerity on a live programme that was aired on the Nigeria Television Authority, (NTA) and hear him: ‘’those that are calling for anyone to come and intervene in Nigeria, we are waiting for the person to come and intervene. They would go back in body bags because nobody would come to Nigeria and tell us how to run our country”

In 2015, Nigerians should recall that the APC had a rigorous meeting with the US and nobody knew maybe the American government helped in that election that brought Buhari to rule—with what, I would call a draconian rule, because since, he emerged the government has monopolised the institutions to work in its philosophy.

Well, as for me, I do not see anything wrong from what El-Rufai said. Since we all know that political parties are finding ways to win this forthcoming election that is dice. It is an election that we redefine the profligacy and mendacity of the country.

And, El Rufai’s statement is that Nigeria does not need any foreign intervention in her election. Indeed, we should hide above all sentiment, what he said, is not a political talk, but a reality. That it is bad for Nigerian politicians to seek foreign help when it comes to politics.

Yet, we have forgotten that Nigeria is a sovereign state that controls her own territory without external force or comment. Despite, the fact that El-Rufai and his party members are scared of an imminent defeat— however, that does not mean, Kaduna governor is corrigible; to what he had said.

We should know that, election in this part of our own claims, is filled of hocus-pocus. It is a system of lies and all sorts of espousal that is wrong to how democracy ought to be practiced. Therefore, whenever, I read story, that identifies Nigeria politics to be shamble, I laugh. Not that I laugh because of this irascibility of our political ideology, but because we don’t know how to practice politics that is beneficial to the populace.

That means that our so called politicians have forgotten that election will come and go, and the citizenry will stay to understand their tenacity. Not those kinds of politicians that come to rallies and begin to disparage themselves. Fine, it is sacrosanct here. But, El-Rufai’s statement is a warning to foreigners since our political parties have seen succour in interference.

Though, a society that is intervening with foreign envoy, such society will be in disarray. The society will be left with anguish and blames. Even those wounds will continue to linger forever. If Atiku or Buhari are the men to vote for then; their associate, need to understand that El-Rufai has spoken what supposes to be said in this political tension we are in.

We need to know election in this country is not a do or die affair. Politicians are acting like politicians but we citizens need to act like citizens because a politician is fighting for his/her own interest. They are fighting for impunity and hubris. Like what a British essayist wrote in one of his essay. And I deeply apologise for not remembering the title of the essay. But the lines go as follow: ‘’nobody is deterring to make choice than the populace who know how to determine their future without a magic wand of lies’’

We need to vote for our conscience not for a thousand naira that will be given to us by party agents at the polling station. We need to perform our civic responsibility as Nigerians not as cowards who do not know the true benefit of democracy. Are we enjoying the dividend of democracy in Nigerian? If you know the answer then vote for who you think won’t make you and your children not to be remorseful in the next four years. A stitch in time says nine. A future we want is for us to fight for a new society.





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