by: Okunlade Aderogba

I have decided to write my opinion on the above earlier than now, but for the fact that i am sampling people’s opinion and views over the recovered monies by the federal government through Law Enforcement Agents especially the EFCC, from different quarters, hence i had to be a bit slow in putting up action.

Moreover, at the time i was on my way to the office in Ikeja this morning, i branched at a newsstand to have a glance of some newspapers headlines, especially the top stories in the front pages, i saw as one of the riders on top Nigerian Tribune front page, where it was put as; “Federal Government to use the recovered loot to facilitate budget”. Although, i did not read the body of the story, but that, to some extent softens my disposition to the style i had wanted to employ in putting this piece across.
Yes, since the incoming administration of President Muhammadu Buhari which many Nigerians including myself applauded and hailed for the change in the style of leadership of the country via political party and personality, what was obviously seen and appraised is the fight against corruption especially discovering the looters, exposing each of them by various anti-graft bodies and recovering the loots according to information through news from various media platforms, which the past regimes especially the last one of President Goodluck Jonathan lacked. Good. We also praised the efforts of the anti-graft agencies in this regard.But one discovers that up till now, what we heard about it all is discovery and recovery in some cases , but not what the money is expended upon as we are close to the beginning of the third year in office.

This inaction of expending the fund on the part of federal government such that the effect will be clearly seen by the populace made people in some quarters to develop doubting spirit over whether loots are actually gotten from anybody or recovered from any source like a home somewhere in Lagos or the latest one uprooted in the cemetery thus making it look as if all actions surrounding the scenario is political propaganda.
However, the rider in the front page of Nigerian Tribune put many people’s mind like me at rest that if this administration can make it known through the media, the administration can be trusted for action in the next two years of its tenure. I hope they wont let us down.

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