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Why EFCC was not allowed to step into SGF Lawal’s case – Adesina



In this interview, Mr Femi Adeshina, Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, discusses the suspension of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Engr. David Babachir  Lawal, and the Director General, National Intelligence Agency, NIA, Amb. Ayo Oke, from office. Adeshina says Nigerians should expect a  thorough investigation by the three-man investigative panel headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. The interview, which was first aired on Channels TV, also touched on the on-going anti-corruption fight. Excerpts:

Who is the Presidency?

That takes me back to school days when we were taught rhetorical questions and what we were told was that rhetorical questions don’t need answers.

So I see it as a rhetorical question. We don’t see it as such. You issued a statement that President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered an investigation into allegations…. made against the SGF, Mr.   David Babachir Lawal, in the award of contracts….. You issued that statement. The Presidency is used by people when they are referring to statements coming from that office. Femi Adesina There are certain things you cannot do unless it has the buy-in of the President – there are certain things you dare not do.

Things like what?

If the President is the one that is running the country, then everything you do, particularly the key things, must have his buy-in.

When we say the Presidency, who do we refer to?

Well, I must return that to the media because, most times, when anybody talks – it could even be a presidential aide – they attribute it to the Presidency.   It’s a media issue.


I mean attributing everything, even when a Personal Assistant to the President, when he does something or tweets something, it is attributed to the Presidency. I don’t think it should always be like that though if I was actively in the media I would probably do the same thing. I just understand what is being done and I know it’s a media way of doing things. So, that question of ‘who is the Presidency’, talk to it’? Well, if we must get an answer to that question, then we must get it from the SGF who said it.


Because he asked it.

The President ordered the suspension of the SGF and the DG, NIA, pending investigation.   The puzzle is that why must the President lump the SGF and the NIA DG together, because the SGF has had his issue since December last year, but the NIA matter is very recent. Why?

There’s the saying that a matter is not fully settled until it has been permanently settled. You’ll notice that the SGF’s matter had been running.   It is in the interest of the SGF himself that the matter be permanently settled.   He has had a career in engineering before deciding to come and serve his country.   It is in the interest of the electorate that voted this government into power because this government was voted-in on the promise that it would revamp the economy, fight corruption and secure the nation.

So, why did it take government so long?

So long is relative. You remember that there was a resolution from the Senate that he should be removed but the President said due process was not followed and that due process must be followed and after that…

That position of the President was considered by many as pre-emptive and that it wasn’t the business of the President at that time to say what he said?

The Senate wrote the President and not the Committee, and what was expected upon receiving the letter was to have since suspended the SGF or tell him to step aside for proper investigation but that was not done. That was the feeling of some people and, as a feeling, it may not be right. The President is a man who does things after really considering all sides; he’s a man who errs on the side of caution.

Yes, Mr. President takes his time when it comes to people around him?

That’s not true.   He takes his time in everything and he, too, has said it. When he was Head of State in 1985, he was 42years and did things like a 42-yr-old. But now he’s 74 and he does things like an old man that he is – sees all sides, hears all sides

So, what is the speed then that has informed the suspension of the DG of NIA?

It is a running issue and it’s a major issue and you know that that volume of money hasn’t been seen anywhere in the country before and it’s a matter that you cannot allow to just run without any response.   And remember, it was not even done immediately.   It’s been in the public domain for more than a week.

So, we get a  letter from the Senate to the President and it takes four months to act, and now you say the President had to take his time and on this he immediately acts?

The two issues are not commensurate.   You cannot compare the two.

That’s why people are saying why lump them together?

It’s because there is an investigation committee that has now been instituted and the team can look at both issues and that’s why it’s done together now.

What changed at this time and having written the Senate and not acting, why setting up a panel now to investigate and suspend him?

Mind you, the President did not clear the SGF.   He merely said due process was not followed.

The President, according to what his statement to the Senate suggested, was that he wasn’t in the mood to remove the SGF, so what has changed between that time and now?

He has just now been asked to step aside for an unfettered investigation and the outcome of the investigation will determine what follows next and it   is very important that the investigation is done for the sake of the people involved.  If not resolved, it would be like an albatross that will hang on their necks.

Is this committee going to factor into the report of the Committee about the N2.5billion meant for the IDPs in the North East and other reports from the Senate which indicted the SGF?

The Committee is going to look at the gamut of all the issues so that they can come out with a conclusion that is fair, just and right.

Why wasn’t this matter referred to the EFCC (in the case of the SGF) and then the DSS (in the case of the NIA DG)?

It’s a matter of procedure by government. If government feels this is the way we want to go about it, so long as it is legal, then there is nothing wrong with it.

People are now asking, how deep is corruption in the Presidency?

You  don’t  need to single out the Presidency.   There is corruption everywhere and the Vice President has said it before that there is corruption everywhere.

There’s the feeling that there’s renewed vigour in the fight against corruption based on the suspension of the SGF.

The conclusion may have been right that it is a resetting of the anti-corruption war, but, in reality, the anti-corruption war had been there and it had been going on.   The feeling now is just because  of  the weight of the persons involved – the SGF and the NIA DG. You  don’t  necessarily judge something by the volume of noise. Yes, I saw a lot of excitement but, being an insider, I know what is going on.

Okay, why were these people not arrested as the judges whose house were broken into?

Allegations  don’t  amount to indictment.   These people have allegations against them.   No prima  facea case has been established against them yet.

Oh!  So were prima  face cases established against the judges before their houses were broken into?

The circumstances are different because a number of things were found in the houses of the judges that were indicting.

But the Senate, too, had found a number of indicting instances against the SGF; yet nothing happened.   They raised huge questions?

The Senate’s decision cannot be final.

Yes and nobody was  saying the Senate had the final say but nothing was done then?

Matters have to be investigated

Yes, investigated, but people are asking, why now?  

I recall the President’s statement saying that he had gone through what the Senate had sent to him and that a committee had investigated the allegations of the Senate and he came to certain conclusions.   His investigations were more about the process of the Senate’s work and not the meat of what happened in PINE.

You know, after writing that letter, the President travelled two days after. You’re right.   But there was an Acting President?

Yes, as an Acting President, he had powers to do certain things and you heard from the Vice President himself that there were some things he still referred to the President and may be that is one of the issues.

Why is the EFCC not the one looking at the SGF’s matter?

If it gets to that point, the EFCC can then look into it.

What is the side of the NIA’s matter that you can tell us because there are many sides to it?

This is the biggest volume of cash that has ever been recovered, so you can expect so many types of stories, with people laying claim to the  money. The investigation will unravel that.

Does the  money belong to the NIA?

That is the claim.   But  don’t forget that the Rivers State government, for instance, is also laying claim to  that money.

Will the Rivers State government be invited?

If necessary. When the committee completes its work in 14days as announced, its report will be released.

Will the public be privy to it?

The first thing is, the President set up the committee, it will report to the President and when the President has studied and decides to announce what the decision is, the public will then have it.

Why should people believe that anything credible can come from this committee?

These three gentlemen who have been appointed to investigate the matter are as credible as you can have them in Nigeria, and, I believe, they will do what is just, what is fair and what is right.

Some people are still of the view that this committee’s work is dead on arrival because of the personalities involved and the arm of government involved and, therefore, suggest that an independent panel should be set up to investigate the matter?

It’s an opinion and those who have preferred the opinion have a right to do so, but it  doesn’t mean it is the best thing.

To further strengthen the earlier question, people scoff at the idea of the panel because when the judges were going to be dealt with, it was so swift but now that it involves people in the Presidency, we are being told about one panel made up of the same Presidency people.

In fact, they add that it goes against the grain of fairplay?

That  question is prejudging things. What if the panel concludes its work and they are not cleared. Nigerians should let these men of integrity do their work without any kind of prejudice. When the results are out, we can then review the process.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers

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A civil society organization in Nigeria, the Committee for the Protection of Peoples Mandate (CPPM) has condemned in the strongest terms, the reported military takeover of government and dissolution of democratic structures in Gabon today 7th January, 2019 by a group of ill advised and misadventurous soldiers.
In a statement issued in Lagos, Nigeria, by its National Coordinator Nelson Ekujumi, the group described the toppling of elected democratic structures in Gabon by the coupists as misguided, reckless, provocative irresponsible, barbaric, violation of the democratic rights of the people of Gabon and treasonable felony which must not be allowed to stand.
According to CPPM, “We call on African Union (AU) and demand not only a restoration of the democratic structures in Gabon, but also that the law must be allowed to take its course in dealing with the errant coupists, to serve as a lesson that forceful takeover of government is an abberation and illegality”
CPPM called on the African Union to immediately rise to the ocassion against this brazen assault on democracy in the continent by sending a clear message to the misguided coupists to immediately return to the barracks and allow the democratic institutions put in place by the people of Gabon to function effectively as established by law and be made to face the consequences of this treasonable act.
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The Lagos Assembly Speaker also saluted Nigerians for their resourcefulness, courage, prayers and support which have been vital to the successes so far recorded by the All Progressives Congress  (APC) administration at all levels of governance.
Rt. Hon. Obasa’s message was contained in his New Year message via a press released on Monday, signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Musbau Rasak.
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Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode on Tuesday took a swipe at the sixteen years presidency of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) between 1999 and 2015, saying the State benefited nothing from the party’s reign.  

Speaking at the National Consultative Forum of the National Committee of Buhari Support Groups, a coordinating body of all the groups campaigning for the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in 2019, held at Nicon Luxury in Abuja, Governor Ambode said the country would not go back to Egypt by bringing PDP back to power having crossed the Red Sea.

He said just within three and half years from 2015 till date, the All Progressives Congress (APC) had been able to lay a solid foundation for Nigeria’s economic growth and prosperity, adding that the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket remains the best option to take the country to the next level from 2019.

“Sixteen years of PDP, I can say it clearly that Lagos State never enjoyed anything from them. Three and half years of APC, I can clearly attest here that whatever it is that we have achieved in Lagos in the last three and half years, the present Federal Government has largely contributed to the things that we have achieved be it in terms of right of way, be it in terms of approval for waivers for import duties and other things that have actually made Lagos to be on the progressive trajectory that it had been in the last twenty years.

“So, for me it is very easy and it is just common sense that we have to uphold the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket to allow that economic progress and the growth in the GDP that we want for Nigeria rather than allowing it to get dismantled and then make us to go back to Egypt after crossing the Red Sea and we are not going back to Egypt,” Governor Ambode said.

He said since assuming office in 2015, the Buhari administration had worked tirelessly to bring about fundamental paradigm shift and retracing the steps of the country for sustained progressive chart, adding that the onus is now on the entire country to give the APC a chance to consolidate on the massive development already embarked upon.

“I just want Nigerians to understand and also to encourage all our members here that what we have started as a support group coordinating everything that is happening is not necessarily for you but it is a selfless service to put Nigeria on that trajectory that grows prosperity and also conveniently in another four years, we would make all Nigerians proud and I am very proud to be part of this.

“We have made up our mind that we are going to work tirelessly; we would do everything that is possible in terms of supporting and campaigning to let Nigerians understand that there are two parallel lines between what we stand to offer which is growth and prosperity for this country and what PDP is trying to come and re-engineer to take us back to the debris of the past that we don’t want to ever go back to.

“So, I just want to congratulate Mr President, Muhammadu Buhari and also the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo and assure them that when they look at their back, they have true Nigerians who believe that yes, we want to build a skyscraper but we need solid foundation to be able to enjoy that skyscraper and then the next level we are thinking on is to be able to put the proper aesthetics and lay the proper foundation to allow Nigeria to make progress and that is what the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket speaks about,” the Governor said.

Besides, Governor Ambode said it was also gratifying that all APC Governors were united in ensuring the victory of APC in the presidential election next year. 

“All APC Governors, I can speak on their behalf, are resolved that the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket is what Nigeria needs and that is what we are going to pursue and I am happy that a handful of our gubernatorial candidates are here to align with us to make sure that what we would deliver is what Nigerians want and what Nigerians want is the APC President,” Governor Ambode said.

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