Restructuring: Nigerians, Shine Your Eyes
How come that former Head of state IBB who spent about 9 years in office as Nigeria’s number 1 citizen & former VP Atiku Abubakar who spent 8 years as Nigeria’s number 2 citizen but never uttered​ a word about restructuring while in office are the new kids on the block, mouthing it everywhere?
We might need to ask, was the political structure of Nigeria then different from what it is today?
Please don’t get me wrong, am for any process that will make Nigeria great and this we must continue to agitate, debate and discuss in an intellectual and civilized manner and not resort to abuses, insults and incitement in order to score cheap political points.
It was late Chief Gani Fawehinmi of blessed memory who at a time during the life of the Babangida despotic regime, admonished Nigerians to rush out and look into the skies to confirm the time of the day, if we were told it’s good morning Nigerians by the Babangida junta because of it’s penchant for outright lies, misinformation and falsehood.
Still in sync with the position of late Chief Gani Fawehinmi admonition on the character of the IBB regime, I have been reading up my dictionary on a regular basis to be sure of the meaning of the word, restructuring since the duo of IBB and Atiku joined the fray because for sure, one fact is indisputable and it’s that, a leopard cannot change it’s spot.
Therefore, Nigerians, shine your eyes.

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