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Segun Lawal of SecureNigeria365 was recently a host to fast rising musical Act SkyP. In this interview, the crooner opens up on an earful bordering his family, background, musical journey and love life. Now you can have an eyeful.

Kindly Introduce Yourself

I’m Peter Amuche, a.k.a SkyP, your favourite Arab-Money crooner.

How did you come about the name “SkyP?”

Well, the name came like a joke, we were chilling, and the guy is like, ‘you are always looking good, fresh, and clean. It’s only the sky that we know that can always be clean all the time,’ and from there, everybody started calling me ‘Sky.’ And the name sounded nice to me, and I didn’t ask them to stop. Then my first name, Peter, abbreviated to “P.”  So, Sky P.

I’m sure not a few would like to have a peek at your family background

Ok, I’m from the eastern part of Nigeria, Imo State. A family of 3 boys, no girl. However, I have a girl in my family that is like a sister, because she grew up with us. So, my dad, Late Raymond Amuche, was an ambassador. I’m supposed to be like a politician, but at the end of the day, I found another career. I have my mum, my dad, and my siblings that are all.


Did your Father in some way influence the society ,for eg, like you are now?

He was a great man. The man did a lot in this country. He obtained his PhD degree at the age of 25 in Oxford University, London.

What is your educational background?

My dad died when I was at 4. So, it wasn’t really easy growing up. I had to struggle with my mum and other siblings. I’m actually the last born. My primary school was Centre primary school. My secondary school was Okwuato Secondary school, and I was fun for me. After that, I travelled to Ghana, from Ghana, I went to London. From London, I went to Atlanta for my tertiary education.

Can you share some of your experience with us, while growing up in school?

I had a lot of girls that liked me, and always fighting like, ‘he is my boyfriend, my boyfriend.’ I didn’t even know what that was then. But it was really fun, because I was kind of the centre of attraction during my school days. The fact that I used to play soccer a lot and was also brilliant, always coming first, at most time. Or worse, second. I was always been used as an example in school. So, I had a lot of fans, female fans, but then, but for me it was just sort of heady being the attraction because I didn’t know what that was then to have a girlfriend. So, it was really fun, and that kind of shaped me to who I am today. It gave me this exclusivity which I took to the world and had to apply in everything I do. Even in music; if you can go get my singles, from ‘INSANE’ to ‘HIGHER MART,’ ‘I REP MONEY,’ you will see that exclusivity.

How did you go back to the world, can you please clarify that?

That’s when I went into the real world; when I went into the world of maturity; when mum is not there to say “why did you come back by 8.” When I was growing, I dare not come back home after 7pm. So, that kind of training helped me, making who I am today. My manager can testify to it, I live a very simple life; I don’t live life based on the things I have access to.

Music as a career, can you share with us, how it all started?

Well, I can’t even place where the talent came from, because when I was growing up, the only thing I knew about was education. But my mum used to lead different choir, different musical groups. Every musical group my mum was part of, when I was growing up, she was the leader. As early as 5am she would always wake-up singing. So, I got to loving music through my mother.

So, your mother had a great influence on you

Yea, positively, because I knew all the hymns, my mum sang. I met this producer Lelo, who goes by the name Kelvin Board, now. And he produced for Ice Prince, right before my face, and while they were doing that, I was getting different melodies in my head. So I later told the guy I would try something. So, after 2 weeks, I called him up to say I was ready to sing. That was my first ever recorded single.

What’s the title of the single?

“INSANE.” It has over 85,000 download on ‘Notjustok.’ It has over 50,000 views on Youtube. The response to that song was inspiring. Whenever I played the song in car with my friends and they asked ‘who sang that song?’ I would like ‘one of my friends’, and they would say, ‘it sounds so nice.’  When later I told them that I was the one who sang the song, they said, ‘you can’t be the one, impossible.’ So, I started seeing the talents in myself. I discovered myself. That’s why I’m signed to my own record label, because nobody can really understand what I see; the kind of dream I have regarding the music industry.

So, what’s your style of music?

Something different ‘hip life.’ I listen to a lot of hip-hop songs. I listen to lots of Afro songs.  Arab-Money has this hip-hop with an Afro-beat on it. So, my own hip-hop life represents hip-hop in a highlife way. That is hip-hop and highlife coming together.


What’s the concept behind Arab-Money?

The concept behind Arab-Money is doing something out of the box. Something nobody has done. That has been my intention, what I’ve always wanted to come up with. I’ve travelled to Dubai a couple of times from Atlanta, and Arab-Money is not really about physical money, because if you watch the video, I didn’t show that kind of physical money. But, it’s about how the Arabians live their own life – that we, Africans won’t be able to see. As an artiste, I have to artistically bring that to the screen, because I am supposed to bring people’s imagination to reality, through my heart. That’s what I did. So if you are imagining how Dubai looks like, How they live their lives, i gave what i could. We shot with their helicopters, we shot on the sea, we shot in the desert, we shot in a nice mansion, beautiful girls, camels and others; Just about artwork, bringing something to the script; something that my fans would appreciate.  I’m not going to show ‘Oshodi,’ ‘Ikeja,’ something we see every day. I’m still going to show them in my upcoming project. But particularly, Arab-Money. I had a good intention, and which I achieved.

Clarify the intention and how you achieved it

From reviews, the TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, all the media houses really appreciated that work, because they know what it takes to finance a project like that. I know how many media houses, even in South Africa that are already asking for me to come for interviews, just because of that Arab-Money. I want people to know who I am.

How Supportive Were Your Parents in your chosen career?

My mum was kind of in-between. But, she would always want me to further my education to some kind of office work, and that’s the normal thing that we are all experiencing in the Nigeria’s community. But, at the end of the day, when she saw the outcome of my first single, she was like ‘okay.’ Then, the second one came in then she was like, ‘are you serious?’ Then Arab-Money, she was like, ‘ok, you have my support.’ It wasn’t easy at first, but right now, I’ve been able to convince them, not by word of mouth, but by actions.

How many tracks so far?

I’ve released 4. I have a few tracks that features other talented artistes but from now till December, I should be coming out with 1 or 2 tracks for the year.

Which is the most interesting of your albums?

Arab-Money is the one that appeals to me most.


What would have become if not a Musician?

I first wanted to be a soccer player, but I tried a lot of things here in Nigeria. I even went to Ghana, played in Nani, the club was owned by Abedi Pele. I played with Abedi Pele’s son, in the same team. But growing in Africa it is not easy doing this. Sometimes they will tell you, you have trial in Germany, but you need to come with some amount to sponsor yourself.

How Acceptable is your Music in Atlanta?

They play it in all African clubs. There are also comments of people saying they heard the music in this or that club. In Atlanta, I started having musicians as friends, producer friends. I associated myself with entertainers, that’s why it was easy for me to penetrate.


Are you Married?

I’m single for now.


Not yet.

So, What Kind of Girl Are you Looking At?

A supportive woman, understanding, because you know the industry I’m in. So, I need an extra-ordinary woman to have a healthy relationship with. And I’m looking forward to that extra-ordinary woman, someone that would just understand ‘SkyP.’ There is ‘SkyP,’ there is Peter Amuche. Not the one that would see in a video, and believe what she’s seeing, forgetting that there is a director behind the scene. There is make-up artiste, there is my manager, a lot of people are there. But after the video must have been edited, you would only see me and the girl. So, I need that woman who thinks more than ordinary woman. That’s what I’m looking for.

How Do you Manage Your Female Fans?

I’m a friend of all. I try to make everybody happy, as much as I can. In as much as you cannot please everybody, but do all I can, to make them feel important, because everyone is important, in one way or the other.

Your First  kiss, How was the Experience?

(Laughs)… my first kiss was in my SS3 when I became school prefect. There was this girl, who even if she didn’t conform to the dress code, I allowed her be.  She was the only one I allowed to school even without sandals; she could wear something different. And I would be like, ‘don’t touch her.’ So, one day I escorted her home, so, we went to this track road, we looked left, right and nobody was coming. And before we knew it, our mouths came together, and I had goose bumps all over my body. It was a good experience and wonderful. But now trust me, I’m the best kisser in the world…(.laughs).


What Will you Not Be Caught Doing?

Stop singing. I would not be caught without singing, without recording, without working hard.

What Can you Say About your Manager?

He is wonderful and fantastic. A hard-working manager. As an artiste, you really need to be very careful with who represents you, because that’s the person who carries your image. If you have an arrogant manager, you are bound to fail. So, my manager is a humble guy, and straight forward. He makes my work so easy, my music can enter anywhere without my presence. So, that’s what I looked out for, and that’s what God gave me.

Where Do you See Yourself in the Next 5 Years?

I see myself having a stronger team, and ‘Sky Diamond Entertainment’ being a major record label, that would grow talents from the African entertainment world.

How would you Describe Yourself?

I’m passionate, humble and a hard-working gentle man. But I don’t like praising myself too much. The way I talk to my gateman, manager is the way I talk to everyone whether rich or poor. I try not to offend anybody. So, that personality came from my father. My father had so many friends, the poor, the rich, and the ordinary. And so, that’s my personality.

Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

I don’t want to go into that, but I will. So, my fans can get to know where I’ coming from. I came from a family that my dad had it all. He believed in helping others. He did not invest and buy house like the politicians we have now. He didn’t do all that. He was kind, and invested in humans, uncles, brothers. But at the end of the day, when the man was not around, everybody disappeared. So, it was like really, really ugly growing up. Especially when they chase us for school fees from school. You know how embarrassing that would be. So, that used to be my most embarrassing moments.

Your Likes and Dislikes

I dislike lies, and people that take advantage of other humans. That’s what we find in our society, today. I hate people like that. For the fact that someone is being nice to you, trying to help you doesn’t mean that person is a fool. So, I like people that are honest, appreciative of other people. People that love their neighbor, not only your next door neighbor. If I meet you anywhere I don’t have any reason to disrespect you. People that respect other people. And I like to eat good food, especially vegetable soup with, semovita, pando yam, and I also like jollof rice.

Your Kind of Perfume

I wear like 4 perfumes at a time. And the names are; conquer mixture, conquer mixture is a combination of 4 different perfumes. I have creed, I have Tom Ford, I have Pacorry Band, and an Arabian perfume, which I can’t pronounce the name fluently.

Who is your Fashion Designer?

I will go with Tom Man, because that’s where I find things that suit my body structure. It’s not about how expensive the thing you wear, but it’s about the fitness. So, whenever I travel to London,  I always make sure I get my Top Man.

Any Collaboration with a Nigerian Artiste?

Yea, I did ‘Lamba’ with Dj Real. I have something big coming up for Christmas. I want to celebrate the x-mas with my fans in a musical way, that they would be happy and forget the ups and down for the year.. So, I’m going to keep that on the low for now, because I don’t want to break protocols.

Your Advice for Upcoming Artistes with Your  Kind of Experience?

Stick to that bright dream, and always listen to that first positive voice in you. That’s always telling you, you can do it. If you know you actually have the talent, don’t be disappointed by the things people say to you, day-by-day, trying to take you down. Just believe in yourself, we hear that word ‘believe in yourself,’ but a lot of people don’t really understand that word ‘believe in yourself.’ You can only believe in yourself when people disbelieve you. When you drop a single and everybody condemns it, and you still go ahead. So, that’s all I can tell them.

Thank you very much, it was a pleasure talking with you…

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How Way and Life Concepts Limited is Setting the Standard in the Real Estate Industry



Way and Life Concepts Limited is one of the real estate company that has been leaving indelible mark in the industry for its more than one decade of existence.

Founded by Abraham Adebayo Shodiya an indigene of Ogun State, Abeokuta to be precise, though he was born and grew up in Agege, Lagos where he had his primary school at Bishop Oluwolel Memorial Primary School, after which he proceeded to Keke High School Ifako Ijaiye housing Estate and later Fstc Yaba where graduated studying Building Technology Programs.

He thereafter, ventured into Real Estate business with training from Realty Point Limited school of estate in 2008 from where he established his own real estate company, Way and Life Concepts Limited popularity known as “Money in Bush”.

Adebayo, registered the company as a business name “Way and Life Properties Concepts” in 2007 and it was later changed to Way And Life Concepts Limited when he upgraded it to a limited liability company.

The success of the company is attributed to their philosophy which set them apart from their competitors, according to the CEO, the philosophy of the Way and Life Concepts Limited is “the best way to live a real life is for us to pave way for investors to partner with us while we take care of their portfolio as a real estate manager, we also need to be open to customers and to tell them the nitty grity of the venture and how we are going to go about making their dream come through” he explained.

Reacting to stories making the rounds that many real estates Companies collect money but do not allocate land to their subscribers, Adebayo said it is quite unfortunate that business owners are not transparent. In his words “There is the need to be open in every business.

There are challenges and if they have challenges allocating to subscribers they should call for a gathering to address them on what has transpired and the solution and plan to make sure the mess is taken care of, but their not allocating lands to the people and becoming silent or run away is not the solution. Doing that is bringing setbacks to the real estate business.

“Before parting with your money with any real estate agent or developer make sure you do your search to know if the company is registered and is a member of a government registered association. Verifications need to be done when it comes to real estate investment.”He stated.

Talking about the Omo Onile syndrome, Adebayo spoke about the solution to the albatross to the job of real estate. He explained that with his more than a decade experience in the real estate industry, he has been able to not only mastered how to manage the Omo Onile wahala but has also learnt how to relate with Governments simply by recognizing them as a player in the industry.

In his words, “In Nigeria real estate, Omo Oniles are also players in the industry but we have to come into understanding with them and so far this has been helping as they don’t come to disturb our customers”.

Adebayo also explained that they have been able to attract new customers and maintain old ones giving people the opportunity to live the real life and being transparent with their customers and their prospective buyers by exposing the nitty-gritty of the business to them to gain their confidence and thereby improving the real estate portfolio of the investors.

On how they handle issues with governments, he expressed his appreciation to the governments of Lagos, Ogun, Osun and Oyo State for their cooperation and the wonderful relationship they’ve been able to establish, he said their is synergy with these governments as they have good relationship with the Way and Life Concepts Limited from their ministry of Lands to the house committee that oversees land issue in the States.

Way and Life Concepts Limited is currently having housing estate projects available for subscriptions in Shimawa Ogun State, Imota-Ikorodu, Atan-Ota, Ifo and Ibeju Lekki, with a plan to spread the company tentacles to Oyo and Osun State, Adebayo Shodiya explained.

He explained further that one of the easiest ways to acquire land and houses in pocket friendly style is how the company fashioned its installment payment system while giving out heavy discounts to outright payers, he exposed that the company works closely with the clients to come up with a financial plan that will be suitable to both parties.

“We sit down with our customers and make payment plans that will not be difficult for them and us, we also help them build at affordable prices from the foundation level to D.P.C, from D.P.C level to roofing level, from roofing level to external finishings, internal finishings e.t.c. We do this to help our customers in becoming homeowners in the alternative to the cumbersome process of bank loans.

He also said in the case of any investor who dies in course of investment, before the proper handing over of the property to the family who is the next of kin, in his words
“All of our investors have a filled form with us. In the form there is a column for next of kin, this does not mean the property (s)/investment (s) will automatically be transferred to the next of kin but we will get some other details of the investor through the next of kin after which we shall request for an administrative letter from the concern people of the investor. This letter is supposed to be processed from the court of investment/investor’s jurisdiction. This will help us to do a proper investment handover.” He explained.

In dealing with fraudulent people parading themselves as realtors, Adebayo Shodiya calls for due diligence, according to him “You cannot loose totally in real estate investment especially if you have visited the said property site before or during the period of investment.
We presently have private regulatory body and Association who will not cover any fraudulent Estate Company. To avoid the repeat of such, investors need to do their due diligence before parting with their money.”

Responding to issues with allocation, he explained that the company allocates in batches, he stated that “For any of our new projects, we allocate in batches of minimum of 50 to 100 allottees while any of our developing projects produces immediate allocation to individual buyers.

“We have had some cases where we had allocated to so many subscribers while they were still paying in installment, some paid half of the property price, some paid 80% and were allocated. We still plan to repeat such as we kick off our new projects in Simawa, Mowe, Atan-Ota and Ifo areas.” Adebayo revealed.

Our role is to set up every possible mean that will make real estate investment convenient for our prospective customers while the role of our customers and prospects is to be up to date in their payment structure as no business will thrive without exchange of money and consistent activities, Shodiya concluded.

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Explore Other Means Of Transportation – Ex-Ogun Commissioner Tells Nigerians



People from various walks of life have been enjoined to explore other means of transportation to ease the cuerent fuel subsidy removal in the country.

This was a submission made by the former Commissioner for transportation in Ogun State, Engr. Gbenga Dairo, while receiving the pupils from Divine Grace Foundation Montessori School, Aro Lambo, Oke-Aro, Ogun State.

Engr. Dairo stated this in Abeokuta after giving them (pupils) a Train ride from Lagos, bicycle riding, and also taking them on a boat ride in the state capital.

He further advocated for formal education in various institutions of learning or vocational centres on how to operate other modes of transportation, like bicycles, in order to serve as other modes of transportation in the future.

According to Engr. Gbenga Dairo, Olukunle Michael, one of the pupils who passionately discussed the various modes of transportation in a video he saw online, caught his attention and motivated him to provide them with a real-life experience of these transportation methods.

He said giving them the opportunity to witness and engage them with sustainable transportation firsthand could nurture their curiosity and inspire them to continue envisioning a greener and more interconnected future of Ogun State.

Engr. Dairo urged the people to key into other means of transportation, especially when transporting themselves from one place to another, enjoining Nigerians to explore all modes of transportation, including not only the railway or personal vehicle but also tricycles and others.


Speaking, the proprietress of the School, Miss. Oyindamola Bajulaye, appreciated the former commissioners’ gesture, adding that the event was not expected as it would be of great benefit to the kids in the nearest future.

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Half Year, Onne Customs Command Generates N136 bilion Revenue



With the core mandate of the Federal government on fiscal policies which include revenue generation, anti smuggling and unwavering resolve to facilitate trade, the Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, Port Harcourt Area 11 Command, Onne says it had generated over N136, 213,838, 643. 56 Billion in the half year of 2023, covering January to the 20th of July 2023 and intercepted 32 contraband goods worth over N1Billion the same period under review.

Our correspondent reports that this disclosure was made available in a press statement issued and signed by the Command’s public Relations officer Superintendent Benjamin Lomba in Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital.

Recall that since assumption of Office early this year, Compt. Imam Baba has continued to add value, and innovation which resulted in total face-lift of the entire command especially with the construction of a new 110-seater capacity conference hall, 40-seater training centre among others which have created a conducive business environment for Maritime stakeholders.

Such robust stakeholders’ engagement has resulted in a high revenue profile and ensured strict compliance to import, export and clearance procedures.

Comptroller Imam’s dynamic  and results- oriented leadership style has ensured the blockage of all possible revenue leakages and smuggling activities which resulted in  “the seizures of a total number of containers – Thirty two (32) with Duty Paid Value of ₦1,152,747,338.88; notable among this seizure consists of the following; Pharmaceutical/Medicament and fireworks with Duty Paid Value of 139.8 Million naira;  Vegetable oil with Duty Paid Value of 833.1 Million naira; Plastic with Duty Paid Value of 6.6 Million naira;  Textiles with Duty Paid Value of 3.6 Million.”

Continuing, the statement says “In the Month of June, The Command made a Seizure of drugs in one of the Bonded Terminals. The drugs were handed over to NDLEA in order to fulfill our obligation as contained in the memorandum of understanding between the Nigeria Customs Service and NDLEA.”

 On the Transire/Bonded Terminal, The Customs Area Controller, Compt Imam Baba, noted that “It is important to inform the public that one of the core functions of Customs is trade facilitation which entails a streamlined and simplified technical and legal procedure for items entering or leaving Nigeria.”

He added that, these Procedures are guides in which all Customs officers must adhere to saying “in recent times the Area 11 Command Onne has observed that stakeholders are misinformed about some of these procedures, especially the procedure for transferring containers to bonded terminals.”

The CAC insisted that it was necessary to educate the public that the final destination of any consignment rests in the choice of the owner even as he stated that “It is necessary to educate the public that the final destination for any consignment into the Country is at the owner’s choice. Hence, the procedure to follow in achieving these cannot be altered by any customs officer including an Area Controller.”

Compt. Imam continued, “Firstly the importer has to stipulate the bonded terminal or port that will be the final destination right at the country of exportation. The Final destination is always indicated in the bill of lading which is transmitted via the shipping companies to the sea port where the vessel will berth.”

The statement continued, “The Onne Command on receiving the transmission by procedure is expected to check two things on the bill of lading. Which are the Nature code and the Transit clause to ensure that the consignments are destined for a bonded terminal outside the command.”

He reiterated that “This negates the erroneous belief that consignments land in Onne port and thereafter the importer decides to move them to a bonded terminal.”

The CAC reaffirmed, “Once again Customs officers cannot determine the final destination of any consignment into the Country.”

“Secondly part of the procedure stipulates that this items moving to bonded terminals should have a bond which is one of the requirements the Onne Command ensure is fulfilled before the third procedure of escort from Onne Port to the bonded terminal.”

He posited that the moment all these requirements were met no Officer not even the area controller can stop these consignments from leaving the port even as he added that ,  by procedure this consignment cannot be examined in the Command before their departure no matter their content.

He explained that the best the Command could do was to relay any intelligence about the consignment to the Customs formation where it was destined to arrive.

Compt Imam, reiterated, that It was worthy to note that it is only the customs officers at the final destination that were allowed by procedure to examine the consignment even as he emphasized that for consignments destined for a bonded terminal under the Command jurisdiction by procedure they are subjected to Payment of duty via the designated banks before proceeding to the bonded terminal.

The Customs Area Comptroller made it  clear that “The public and our stakeholders should note that these procedures are strictly observed by the Onne Customs Command hence should have a rethink before assuming fictitious imaginations about operations in Onne.”

However, the statement stated that the Command recently got a directive from Headquarters in Abuja to ensure that all consignments leaving the port are scanned. “This instruction has been carried out diligently.”

“In view of the development, “All stakeholders involved in movement of containers via transire to other destinations outside the port can testify to the fact that their containers are scanned after fulfilling the necessary procedures before leaving the port.” He asserted.

He therefore called on all importers, exporters and Licensed Customs Agents to adhere strictly to the fiscal policies of the Federal government   vowing that the Command would not condone any action or inaction capable of derailing or undermining the federal government fiscal policies on imports and exports.


Credit: Bon Peters, Port Harcourt, Rivers State

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