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I became a Bus Conductor to Finance myself through University- Lekan Oluyelu



Introduce yourself to the Readers

My name is Oluyelu Olalekan Olajide Oluwalonimi (Jnr), I studied Finance from the University of Lagos. I am the CEO Bond and Templers Limited (Lagos & Johannesburg). We use the PTY in South Africa, I have been in the advertising industry since 2000 and I thank God for where he has taken Bond& Templers Limited to; we have been able to achieve so many feats by his grace.

What was growing up like

I have a homely background; I am from a family of four boys and two girls and I am the third child. Growing up wasn’t easy, my dad was a business man along with his faming work as a farmer while my mum was a banker. One day, my dad woke me up at the middle of the night and told me he couldn’t cater for my secondary school education any longer as a result of lack of funds so I would have to wait for my two elder brothers to finish school before I can further my education, on hearing this I busted into tears. I wept profusely and felt totally rejected at the time. In my yearnings to further my education I had to do menial jobs like bus conducting for public vehicles to meet my needs and raise money for my university education, singing and playing musical instruments. In my first year in the university second semester, I lost my dad and things became pretty tough but thank God for where I am today. My past life prepared me for success. Some people usually think I was born with a silver spoon “Omo Ajebutter” but I am always quick to respond that if only they knew where I was coming from, they will know I am a proper “Ajepako

CEO Bond and Templer PTY limited, Lekan Oluyelu

Being a onetime bus conductor, did help you build your career

Yes, a lot. You know that sometimes when you have everything at your disposal, you might not be focused or understand the basics of life. I resolved early in life not to work for anybody when I clock age 40 and that was accomplished to the glory of God. I resigned from my previous job two days after my 40th birthday in 2016, I was persuaded not to resign at the time, but I was resolute to live my dream. I thank God that the challenges I faced earlier in life helped shaped the man I have become.

When did the Whole idea of Advertising and Branding Tickle your interest

Like I said, I studied Finance. While in was in my third year at the university I told myself that I won’t work for anybody in the nearest future. I started out in the marketing department of a fashion firm whose owner currently resides in South Africa at the moment. I pioneered the first fashion week in my school in conjunction with the Student Union Government. Before I finished my studies, I was employed in Mr. Adedapo Adelegan’s company (Who is the current President, Nigeria- British Chamber of commerce); Benjamin Black & Co (the pioneers of electronic bill boards in Nigeria) and Celtron Nigeria Limited respectively as a marketing Executive and later I was promoted to Client service Manager. From there, I develop more interest in Advertising, Media, branding and Marketing. Prior to this, I had one of my pastors pray for me and it was confirmed that it was the right path of career for me; all I needed was patience, hard work and perseverance.

CEO Bond and Templer PTY limited, Lekan Oluyelu

How did Bond and Templers take off?

I started with the registration of the company in 2005, as an enterprise but was later changed to a limited company in 2010 and in 015, it was registered in Southern Africa. I conceived the name while I was praying to God some years ago. Bond means an agreement between God and myself, and the people who dwell in the temple are called Templers; so I, my wife, children and staff of the organization are his Templers. Note, if you have a deal with God, you can never go bankrupt.

What are your Values and Philosophy of Life?

The basic one is taking life easy; whatever tragedy that may happen to you, don’t apportion blame on other people rather see it as a challenge. Whatever terrible situation you are facing right now, pick the best out of it. I don’t take NO for an answer and the challenges I face help me to have a rethink about life. I see life as a school, so discouragement is not allowed and everything can’t be always rosy as we want them to be.

What are some of your Business Challenges?

Now we are currently faced with recession but God has been our help; our branch in South Africa has drawn many international clients to us. Secondly, the inflation of dollar rate hasn’t helped those of us engaged in international business regardless we still have to deliver top notch services to our clients. The Advertising and Media industry face crunchy times presently due to the dearth of funds.

How do you think the Government can Regulate Policies to Boost the Operations of Advertising Agencies?

There are a lot of regulatory bodies with one policy or the other. The Lagos Signage and Advertising Agency LASAA at a time came up with policies that made some advertising agencies who couldn’t meet with the demands of the policies, shut down their businesses, many of them have collapsed. I am not expecting any favor from the government and I always tell people not to depend on the government. They can look for other jobs to augment their present income because the government would always come up with policies to favor some agencies and disfavor others.

CEO Bond and Templer PTY limited, Lekan Oluyelu

Talking about the Government Policies favoring some and not favoring others; don’t you have a body that can take it up with the Government?

We are Nigerians, we always adapt to things easily even if when we complain in our closets nobody wants to take the lead because those who encourage you from the start, might end up betraying you. The cross is now left for you alone to bear, so we just have to accept these policies and blend well.

What is the Unique Selling Point of Bond and Templers Limited?

Our clients can testify to the kind of service we deliver.  We always go the extra mile for all our clients. We just tell them to go to sleep while we take the stress off them. We make sure we deliver our jobs on time without complains, no matter the budget of our clients. We make sure we deliver quality jobs with great value, and its uniqueness is exceptional.

What are the companies you work for?

We work with so many companies, like Leadway Assurance, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Ibex, and GE.

What is the new Innovation in Advertising?

It is digital marketing; we are in the 21st century where technology holds sway. You don’t need to work down a major road before you see an advert; you can easily see that on various social media platforms. This is what the new generation has and that’s why business owners are churning out money for their adverts to run on social media.

Who are your Major Competitors?

We have a lot of big competitors, such as Insight communications and other big advertising agencies, handling bigger jobs. Our aspiration is to grow bigger with the times.

What’s your projection for Bond and Templers Limited in the next ten years

To become one of the biggest and global advertising agency

What is your Biggest Achievement so Far?

For us at Bond & Templers, still striving in the midst of the present economic situation in Nigeria is a great achievement and the ability to birth other companies thereafter would be the icing.

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Avila top distributors get training on essential oils in Dubai



By Manny Ita

Avila Naturalle, Africa’s elite organic skincare and hair products’ manufacturer continues to distinguish itself as the number one organic cosmetic powerhouse on the African continent, entrenching proper standards for organic products’ manufacturing, and thereby giving users the deserved value while also encouraging the usage of organic products for skin and hair in restoring, repairing and ultimately beautifying the body.
In this light, the company recently organised a training in Dubai for its top distributors on the uses of essential oils.
Essential oils are liquid extracts of potentially beneficial plants. People are beginning to use essential oils widely for a variety of common conditions, which according to research, has help relieve symptoms in a variety of cases.
Avila manufacturers have turned dozens of these plant oils into essential oil products, with some of the most popular of them including lavender, tea tree, lemon,eucalyptus, chamomile, ylang-ylang etc.
Speaking on the Dubai trip and why it was necessary, the Managing Director of Avila Naturalle, Temitope Mayegun disclosed that;
“Because the compounds in these oils may have some health effects on the human body, it becomes of prime importance therefore that a fore-knowledge of its uses and application be acquired for proper and correct dispensation.”
“This informed the need for Avila to have its top distributors embark on the Dubai trip to equip them with the requisite knowledge on the product; because as I always say, Avila is not just about making money but adding value to lives. We care about the right standards of products, and of course people should be properly informed about the uses of these products for good well being.” She added.
It is instructive to note that one of the qualities that stand out Avila from the pack of organic cosmetic manufacturers is its passion in ensuring that only the best possible standards are employed in its operations which stems from the desire to give end users real value. Consequently, Avila Naturalle consistently invests massively in research and training.
The company which is set to diversify into health foods and supplements in 2020 believes Avila is a name that resonates with every family’s needs.







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Avila Naturalle 2019 Awards, a Celebration of Excellence, Commitment and Loyalty



By Cyril Omenamein

All is well that ends well, as it is commonly said; and so it was with the 2019 Avila Naturalle Distributors Summit and Excellence Awards (ANDSEA), which came to a successful end at the Lagos Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja Lagos on Saturday, November 9, 2019.
This year’s awards was in every conceivable way a big improvement on the last edition of the annual event where over 300 distributors of the organic skin and hair care manufacturer were feted to the finest hospitality and rewarded for their loyalty, hard work and commitment to the brand.
The red carpet of the event kicked off at pm as guests and distributors to the prestigious event livened up the venue with photo shots and interviews before the main event.
Glowing in different shades of white attires with a touch of green, distributors of the company filled in the seats of the hall which was exquisitely decorated by Mo Events Company, excitedly exchanging pleasantries.
An hour on, the event was kick started with an opening speech by a staff of the company Oluwakemi Fafiyebi, just after the opening prayer by Pastor Ayobami.
There were four categories of awards on the night with the first category for commitment and loyalty, anchored by diamond partner Mrs Orji who handed out awards to deserving recipients.
Keeping the guests reeling in bouts of laughter as the event bore on was MC of the event Ajele Adeyemi and his partner, who did a great job coordinating the event.
After the second category of awards, guests were on cue for a sumptuous buffet, after which the third and last categories of the awards were made.
After the awards presentation, distributors of the company from the different states and climes, in a bold show of solidarity and appreciation for the MD of the company presented her with several beautiful gifts, for which she was genuinely thankful.
There was also awards for staff of the company and this year, the best staff of the year award was carted home by Oluwakemi Fafiyebi.
The high-point of the event was cutting of the event cake, as MD of Avila Naturalle, Mrs Temitope Mayegun, looking resplendent in a flowing dress, complete with a fascinator, executed with her husband and few other guests beside her.
In her closing remarks, Mrs Mayegun, humble, unassuming but a very practical person, thanked God for his kindness and mercies, for seeing the company through another glorious year, appreciating everyone the Almighty has brought her way in the course of Avila Naturalle and by extension Top Confectionery Limited; including the diamond partners, the various classes of distributors, staff, and of course her family; notably her husband, who is also the Chairman, board of Directors of the company, for the encouragement, support and understanding given her.
Appreciating God for having brought Avila Naturalle this far in two years, Mrs Mayegun expressed confidence that the company would soon become a household name, not just in Nigeria but all over Africa and the rest of the world.













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Avila Naturalle Holds Training Sessions for Distributors Ahead of Awards Ceremony



By Olujimi Sesan
The Avila dinner and awards (ANDSEA) 2019 rolled off to a blistering start from November 6 with a number of activities lined up to mark this year’s edition of the awards.
Distributors of the organic skin and hair product arrived Lagos from different parts of the country as well as from several other countries in Africa and Europe to attend the prestigious event, numbering up to 300. The Virgin Rose hotel on Victoria Island Lagos buzzed with excitement and expectation as distributors converged for the annual lecture and training, where practical insights, invaluable information about the company and its products as well as strategies for sales were provided them.
Resplendent in Avila branded T-shirts on blue jeans with fez caps to match, the distributors, glowing in attestation of the products they market, found the lecture quite illuminating.
Speakers at the event came from diverse industry backgrounds but had innate knowledge about the beauty industry and Avila products, bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to bear on the training which was segmented into different sessions.
The themes of the training which covered virtually every concern about the skin and hair, included; Skin Anatomy, delivered by Mrs Hafsat Balogun Omotosho, ‘The Effects of Common Ingredients in Cosmetics’ delivered by a director of research at Avila Naturalle, Motayo Bolaji, ‘Increasing Sales Within your Territory’ was taken by Mrs Odumosu, legal practitioner Ofure Oaikhena handled’ Hair Care and Aloepecia’ while dietitian Mrs Amarachi’s class dealt on ‘Anti-Aging’. Other speakers at the event were Mrs Adedibora Olufemi and Mrs Adeyemi who spoke on ‘Dark Under-eye Circles and Dark Knuckles’ and ‘Maintaining a Healthy Work Balance’ respectively.
Unveiling “Sales Booster”- a compendium of sales strategies for distributors of Avila products and other information about the company’s products, author of the book, Temitayo Adewole charged the distributors to build a mindset of purpose, have passion and empathy for customers.
In-between lectures were fruit breaks, when attendees were treated to the delight of nature with an assortment of fruits, as well as the main course which followed after the training.
Thanking the distributors for their passion and effort, director of the company, Mrs Temitope Mayegun, urged them to keep the flag flying, assuring that there were even brighter days ahead as Avila would soon diversify.
The day culminated in a fun-time at the Landmark private beach in Oniru, Victoria Island, where the distributors wounded down to the cool refreshing ambiance and savory delights of the beach.
The Dinner and Award night is expected to hold today at The Lagos Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, where outstanding distributors of the company will be rewarded.









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