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As Coronavirus Scare Continues: Church Enters the Fight



In a move meant to compliment the government’s efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, Tanzania Episcopal Council (TEC) has provided a special guideline to its worshipers, which includes skipping the traditional kissing of the Holly Cross during this year’s Good Friday service.

The Council also said that worshippers will be required to receive the Holy Eucharist with their hands only, and where a Mass involves more than one Priest, they will be required to dip it in the Grail instead of the traditional procedure of drinking from it.

These new instructions were announced by TEC President, His Eminence Archbishop Gervas Nyaisonga, during a special Mass to consecrate the new Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Moshi, His Eminence Ludovick Minde held at Christ the King Cathedral grounds here on Thursday.

“Through this guideline, the Church enters the fight …PM acts tough on fake news “cooks” Council has announced two days of special prayers to beseech God to protect our country from the ravages of COVID-19, and those who have been infected to get quick recovery, and at the same time grant specialists the ability to find the right prevention and cure of the pandemic,” he said.

He further stated that the new guidelines intend to provide education to worshipers so that they can comply with procedures meant to prevent the spread of the disease as directed by the Government.

Bishop Nyaisonga added that the directive also stipulates that during this year’s Good Friday service, believers will not be allowed to kiss the Holy Cross during the traditional Good Friday session, and instead they will only bow down in respect to the Holy Cross.

He also called on all priests and other church leaders to adhere to the provided guidelines and instructions while at the same time make sure that worshipers adhere to them to avoid the disease.

On his part, the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha, His Eminence Isaac Amani urged all Catholic faithful and Tanzanians at large not to make fun of the deadly disease, especially through social media.

“There are those who publish on social networks that the Coronavirus cannot infect a black person, and that Africans are safe from it. That is not true, the reality is that the viruses affect human beings, and Africans are human beings, therefore we as Africans are also in danger. This disease is not a comedy, the reports you see and hear in the media are real, people are dying, and there are many patients receiving treatment worldwide, including in Africa, let us follow and comply with the procedures which are provided to help us from contracting the disease,” the cleric said.

His Eminence Archbishop of Arusha Catholic Diocese, Rt. Rev Isaac Amani, who is the immediate predecessor of Bishop Minde and who headed the Catholic Diocese of Moshi for 10 years before he was transferred to the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha, urged the Catholic Diocese of Moshi faithful to give Bishop Minde their full cooperation in his new mission in the Diocese.

Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Ms. Anna Mghwira, who represented President John Magufuli during the ceremony, congratulated TEC on its willingness to join the government in the fight against Coronavirus in the country.

“We believe, just like all other calamities which came and went this too will pass, but as long as it is here, we should keep praying to the Almighty God to save us from this pandemic. I would like to congratulate you, Bishop Minde, who is taking over the leadership of the Catholic Diocese of Moshi in the face of the Coronavirus crisis, and urge you to join the regional government in tackling it,” she said.

In his message, Bishop Minde thanked God for allowing the ceremony to take place despite the ongoing threat of COVID-19, a disease caused by coronavirus.

“I thought these celebrations will be postponed due to the current crisis, but I thank the government for giving us the permission to continue with this event, after it was satisfied with the procedures and precautions taken,” he said.

During the Consecration Mass, several procedures had to be skipped or completely left out, including taking a slight bow to the new Bishop instead of shaking hands.

The tradition of shaking hands as a sign of peace among the congregation was also skipped, including the traditional Blessing of the Priests in attendance where the new Bishop was supposed to lay his hands on their heads, and instead they came before him and bowed as a sign of respect to him while the Bishop blessed them by bowing.

Currently, there are 287,397 Coronavirus cases reported worldwide, with 11, 897 deaths and 93, 617 recovered cases.


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Amidst the Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic, Niger State Executive Council seeks to downsize the 2020 approved budget by 36 per cent.
The State Commissioner for Budget and Planning Commission, Alhaji Mamman Musa disclosed this during post exco media briefing held at the Government House, Minna.
Alhaji Musa said that the assented 2020 budget which stood at N155b would have a new size of N98b when approved.
He said that they were being mindful of the recurrent expenditure which, in the 2020 budget, stood at 70 Billion while the capital expenditure is 85 Billion…
According to him, when approved, the new budget will concentrate on only projects that have attained 75 per cent completion, adding that new projects would only be considered based on their necessity of demand.
Maman Musa added that overhead cost to Ministries, Agencies and Departments (MDAs) have been reduced to 75 per cent as well as travel expenses of government officials.
He said the downward review of the 2020 budget has become imperative due to the global economic downturn caused as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.
The commissioner said that the 2020 budget was prepared with 90 per cent of income projection coming from the statutory allocation hinged on the oil sector with a benchmark of crude oil at $57 per barrel, complaining that since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the global oil prices dropped below $30 per barrel which has drastically affected the 2020 budget, hence the need for the review.
The commissioner pointed out that the state government is already looking inward towards enhancing its internally generated revenue to cover some of the envisaged shortfall.


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The Ogun State Chairman, National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Comrade Hakeem Bodunrin (Iyeru) has cautioned the motorists and passengers across the state not to accept nose masks, gloves and sanitizers from untrusted sources.

He made this passionate appeal while addressing newsmen in his Asero’s Office, Abeokuta, state capital, against the backdrop of novel coronavirus pandemic that spreading across the country.

Bodunrin said that it was unhealthy and dangerous to accept nose masks, gloves and sanitizers from untrusted persons, noting that criminals can lace them with chloroform for evil purposes.

“People need to be very careful and cautious of whom they collect nose masks, gloves and sanitizers from, especially our Motorists and Passengers, this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, criminals can lace them with chloroform for evil missions,” Bodunrin said

He noted that after the innocent person had used the laced nose mask, he/she could fall into coma or experience convulsion and the criminals could kidnap, rape or even kill the victim.

According to him “Some criminals can pretend they are from a Foundation or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and so in this period of shortage of nose masks, gloves and sanitizers, they will start distributing free personal protective equipment to the unsuspecting public and if you are not smart, you will fall victim to their trap,”

He added that apart from washing of hands with soap under running water, Bodunrin encouraged Motorists and Passengers to sanitize their brackets, watches and bangles after use, so as to avoid the risk of spreading the virus unconsciously.

He implored both Motorists and Passengers to abide by the state Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun warnings, rules and regulations for not more that twenty persons in gathering, saying that “prevention is better than cure.”

“We should be a law abiding citizen of the country, let us not spread the virus but prevent ourselves from being infected with COVID-19 pandemic, in fact, they say, prevention is better than cure, we should be endeavour to stay healthy at all time,” Bodunrin warned

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Following the directives for partial lockdown in several  States across the country, we will be offering skeletal services in some of our branches across the nation.


These branches will be open from 9:00am to 2:00pm, Monday to Friday. We have implemented all necessary health and safety measures across these branches to keep you safe at all our locations.


For the list of branches, please go to

Our alternative channels are available for you 24/7 during this period.


Thank you for your understanding at this period as we continue to work to put You First.



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