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COVID-19: 11 APC Ward Leaders Eulogise Hon Godwin’s Palliative Instinct



COVID-19: 11 APC Ward Leaders Eulogise Hon Godwin’s Palliative Instinct

When English writer Herbert George Wells said that human history in essence is the history of ideas, he must have thought of the role selfless leadership plays in societal development.

It’s possible for a people to be trapped in history however, it takes leadership and willpower to make history beneficial to the  people.

In Owan East Local Government Area, Afuze Edo State,  the song in the air is that one man can make a positive difference in history if he’s a combination of will and economic power.

“This kind of event is unprecedented in the history of  Afuze, that a Counselor will call a meeting and spend his personal money to assist his people, the significant thing here is that he did it without excommunicating any of the eleven wards in the LGA”.

This statement was made by the party Chairman of the All Progressives Congress in Owan East,  Mallam Kasimu Shabah while speaking with newsmen on Monday during the distribution of COVID -19 palliative sponsored by Counsellor representing ward 7, Hon Godwin Aigbokhaode.

Hon Godwin asides being a politician, is a trader who buys and sells nutritive items. Commodities distributed include rice, noodles,  salt and customised face mask.

“It’s a promise that I made to myself.  I have been thinking about how to be of assistance to the people of Afuze.  I had to save my salary for months to be able to actualise what happened here today.  I had this plan before the Coronavirus pandemic, at some point I spent part of the saving but I am happy that the palliative was made possible”, he said.

The Aristotelian who coordinates the Young Citizens of Nigeria (YCN) in Edo, further explained that, “The whole idea of the palliative has nothing to do with politics. I did this so that my people can have the basic resources that will enable them to  stay home and stay safe during the pandemic period. I decided to do this because of the love that I have for the wellbeing of my people”.

Speaking about the symbolic value of the gesture as it affects the entire eleven wards represented in Afuze, women leader of the APC in Owan East,  Mrs Margaret Imoren revealed that this singular act has both immediate and futuristic implications.

“I’m happy he made himself available to put a smile on the faces of people living in this Local Government,  we are ready to go any lenght with him as far as politics is concerned, he has our support. And  I want other Counsellors to emulate him”.

Asides the ward chairmen who were on ground to receive the palliative at the Owan East Local Government Council Secretariat,  artisans, women, youths, bikers and low income earners benefited.

Ward 7 Chairman, Peter Ohizhioya noted that the event was timely considering its welfare benefits to the people.

“I am very happy that a Counsellor in person of Honourable Godwin Aigbokhaode found it worthy to share his resources with the people of this Local Government.  He has shown that he’s not selfish because giving palliative to eleven wards is not an easy task. It hasn’t happened before, not even a Chairman has done what he did today as a Counsellor”, the Chairman said.

Similarly,  ward 4 Chairman Abudu Felu affirmed that the  Counsellor’s  gesture is second to none since 1991 when Bendel State was split to create Delta and Edo.

Also, the youth leader of ward 10, Mohammed Abubakar prayed that the sky will be the limit of the Hon Godwin, adding that his antecedence goes a long way in motivating the people to have hope.

For Ward 3 Chairman Umoru Ahmed the Counsellor’s goodwill has to be carried to the people across the wards.

“We appreciate the Counsellor of ward 7 and we assure him that this message will be taken to meet our people in ward 3. It’s a benefit that cuts across all strata of the society”, Umoru said vehemently.

Ward 1 and 2 chairmen Eriki Segun and Afenokhoi Sunday respectively said that the Counsellor has exhibited uniqueness of character.

On his part, the general Chairman of commercial motorcyclists in Owan East, Sunday Aidelokhai while receiving set of customised face masks on behalf of his association thanked Hon Godwin for his kindness.

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Pondei-led NDDC IMC transparent, accountable, says Group



As Nigerians await outcome of the 2-day investigative hearing carried out by the Senate Ad-hoc Committee last week Thursday and Friday on alleged financial recklessness by the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), a group has debunked the claim of N40 billion scam levelled against the Commission.

The group which projects itself as Citizens Quest for Truth Initiative (CQTI) said as a non- governmental organization, concerned with development of the Niger Delta region through close monitoring of activities of intervention bodies such as the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) , the current Interim Management Committee ( IMC) of the commission is far more transparent in its operations, contrary to the accusation of squandering N40 billion.

President of the group, Obiaruko Christie Ndukwe,  at a media briefing in Abuja Saturday said the Professor Kemebradikumo Pondei-led IMC is not corrupt as being painted by those  who, according to her, “want the operations of the commission to be business as usual.”

“The Citizens Quest for Truth Initiative under my leadership has been monitoring the operational activities of the NDDC over the years as regards the core mandate given to the commission.

“I make bold to declare here that of all the management teams we have interacted with so far and assessed their activities on the field, the current IMC stands out in terms of accessibility to the people and communities in the area as well as transparency in contracts awards and executions.

“All the hues and cries being made by some vested groups against the current IMC are driven by nothing but fear of being cut off from their yearly loot.

“Rather than trying to pull down the incumbent management of the commission, they should by now be running from pillar to post on how to escape from shame awaiting them from reports of the ongoing forensic auditing ordered by President Muhamnadu Buhari,” she said.

She added that it was a lie from the pit of hell for anybody to allege that the Pondei-led IMC is working for the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio and not the people of Niger Delta region.

She said: “During the 2- day investigative hearing, none of the accusers and their cronies could substantiate any allegations to that effect.

“In fact, the public hearing exposed the hollow in all allegations levelled against Akpabio and the Pondei-led IMC and it is expected that they will allow peace to reign now in the commission for the desired development to start taking place in the Niger Delta region.”


Credit: Taiye Odewale

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Lawyer raises alarm over N15 billion NDDC payments



A legal practitioner, Mr. Godwin Ojeh, has lamented what he called corruption of self-enrichment in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), calling on President Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Nigerian Senate , Ahmed Lawan and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon Femi Gbajabiamila to stop the payment of N15 billion to contractors.

‘’The Interim Management Committee of the Niger Delta Development Commission has thrown caution to the winds. It is about to pay for jobs not done. The committee is processing the payment of a whooping amount of N15billion on spurious contracts in the name of ‘’Desilting of Waterways’’.

He particularly decried the misappropriation in the management of the funds of the commission.

‘Is the 2020 budget of the commission ready? Where are they spending from? ’Recently, the Senate set up an ad hoc committee to probe the Interim Management Committee of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) over alleged mismanagement of N40billion. The Senate also requested for 2019 budgetary performance. The commission doesn’t have power to expend public money. There is no budgetary provision’’.

In a tone suggestive of his hatred for corruption, the Benin based lawyer asked the National Assembly and the executive arm of the government to stop the commission from wasting the country’s resources.

In a statement in Benin, Ojeh described the intention of the NDDC Interim Management Committee as ‘’a move that will endanger development of the region

‘’There is no greater danger to the development of the Niger Delta region than the payments for fictitious contracts’’ the statement said.

He also harped on the need for transparency in government organizations, saying ‘’it is necessary for the National Assembly and the executive arm of government to adopt a collective position on the allegation of corruption in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)’’.


Credit: Ebireri Henry Ovie

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So sudden was your death; so painful was your transition.

This is one death too many after we recently commited the prophetic Adebayo Oshinowo (Pepperito) to mother earth.
I never knew you were on your way out of this world when so unusually, my repeated messages to your phone were never responded to and calls not picked for days.

I did not know that the elegant Tunde was lying helpless somewhere against his wish.
Now, the ever bubbling and lively soul has been hooked by the angel of death and forced through the mill of no return while a lot of us, your admirers, were wondering of your whereabout.

Where is the very active and versatile brain of Tunde Buraimoh? Where is your very peaceful mien and stylish smiles of all times? The big Daddy with big, dramatic and oratory expressions has finally dropped the linguistic garb and that legislative lion has ceased to roar in the Lagos State House of Assembly.

We are going to miss your elegant dressing Tunde. Your charismatic assertions shall elude us till eternity. The beneficiaries of your regular philanthropic gestures will have to look elsewhere for succour hence forth. Dear Tunde, tread graciously to your final abode of no pains and no regrets. We shall hold forth for you where our paths have crossed with good memories.

Our prayers shall forever be for you in the lonely castle of your permanent rest.
I pray we would not have to give this kind of dirge so soon again. Tunde, sun re ooo. Adieu

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