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The Guy on the street: Many whistle Blowers



by: Anikulapo

Corruption has become a conundrum that everybody wants to solve. It has become the talk of this administration in the last two years. Almost two years, countrymen have been groaned on famished. In a country where boy was lynched for stealing Gari.  In this same country that foreign currencies have escalated. I see Nigeria as a mother that can’t feed her children and all become scavengers. This analogy is what the future of Nigeria is currently speaking when corruption has been the prejudice that will suffer in a country that once had the best economy in the 60s.

Undoubtedly, corruption is a massacre for every Nigerian. When a nation politics becomes doldrum because corruption has been a frontier. In a society where corruption has the power to control the government, I think such society is stinted with thievery and bandit. Politics is to adopt a theory that will be efficient for the citizenry but rather to steal from the government confers into private purses and begin to live purveyor lifestyle. Indeed, a nation that is so selfish to understand the voice of the masses will be profaned incredulity to teach good law and moral to its citizens— Charles Dickens’ novel tales of two cities can be a vivid example to this issue. I was disillusioned as street guy when I saw the televised loot recovered in Ikoyi home. I felt agape that billions can be kept here, for no genuine reason. Monies that can feed an entire nation. I was baffled that corruption in my country has gone to the extent that, money now course altercation between our politicians and their aides.

Presumably, these politicians’ aides ranted on social media all because of the monies be recovered by our indefatigable Ibrahim Magu and whistle blowers. The whistle blowing policy by the federal government is nice to tackle hidden catacombs of money in our nation. But I hope the policy will not become a tool for politicians to expose themselves? Hope the whistle blowers will have access to the stipulated percentage?  Because I know, that policy in this country is executed by men and planned by men. In this Nigeria, that policy will present a light and before you know such policy has gone to grave.

During the last administration we could not count how many policies that were executed. If the federal government truly, what to bring helm of corruption to shame, I see whistle blowing as a good policy, but not because of the sweepstake attach but it will help the citizens to have a relationship with the government like what a theorist says: A nation needs to be friendly to its citizens because they determine the growth of the economy with their capacities. That could be right, if Nigerian government considers the policy as fortress to ambush corruption. The anti-graft agency in the acting capacity of Mr. Ibrahim Magu can’t do alone.

‘’ Who owns this money $15billion naira?’’

‘’ We own the money. My predecessor looted the money to his girlfriends’’

‘’ No! I don’t have anything to do with the tower the money was kept. I haven’t been there before’’

‘’ Yes! We own the money’’

‘’ Who?’’

‘’ The Nigerian Intelligence Agency (NIA)’’

‘’ Even Ex-governor denied the Osborne tower’’

‘’ Are you serious?’’

‘’ I’m serious but a constitutional lawyer said it ‘’ arrangee discoveries’’

‘’ Who is the lawyer?’’

‘’ Come closer, and let me whisper to your ear: Mike Ozekhome’’

Perhaps, I still wonder why Nigerian Intelligence Agency, NIA has claimed the money because I don’t know when police haul money to hide in a country that has law. Even though, the Judiciary system has become a woe, I still have the sense that law is predominated in a society that lives in democracy not in anarchy. But if truly, the recovered 15 billion naira is meant for NIA and for what purpose? And can NIA tell us where they get the money from? And what are they executing? These questions deserve an answer; even if Mr. Magu has become a pugilist.

This hullabaloo has told me what Nigeria is all about. And it has given me another interpretation to this government and it promises during the 2015 general election. Since the emergence of the presidency, Nigerians have been suffering and monies have been recovered.  Albeit, the administration endlessly brings insurgency to a minimum.

Now, that whistle blower has become a policy to discover hidden money, what will be the state of money being discovered?  The policy is not bad. But I don’t know why the government can’t do proper investigation on the apartment. To check the land owner charges from the state government, and the tenancy charges. I think that can identify who is the authentic owner of the bacchanal money.  At this juncture, the EFCC needs to work with ICPC to do proper investigation on the money because that money can add to an abyss economy and brings the covetous and dubious owner to justice. Even though, that the Law has been corrupted by Justice like Justice Ademola

At this conclusion, I hope federal government knows that Nigerians are hungry. Men, women and children on the street can’t get three square meals. They should consider the fact that these people perform their franchises as citizen. And if this Ikoyigate will be a source to many Nigerians I think that is an opportunity. But the federal government needs to give transparency and accountability on how its handle the affairs of this government; and the money should be used to developing Nigeria before the end of 2019. And if that do not happen, Nigerians, I think will now become home of many whistle blowers.


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A guy on the street: Trade Mark of Democracy



By: Anikulapo Babatunde

Hello, how we dey? Shey we dey observe things wey dey happen? Okay, Time no wait for anybody. Time dey go. See, let me tell you that this is not cerebral but acerbic because of what is happening in our country. From the streets, many hopes have been lynched with this our political poison. Well, if the politics of this country is for us to sleep and wake up to hunger, there must be something wrong with the arrays of our politicians.

‘’ If you speak the truth you die, and I will speak the truth and I will die’’

‘’ Oga, if you die nothing concern us because since you don become senator wetin you don do?’’

‘’ You mean me, an authentic graduate of Ahmadu Bello University. I have seven degrees with a doctorate from Harvard University’’

‘’ That one no concern us. If you like go heaven go get PhD. All we want is good law’’

‘’ You mean Law? I had first class in Geography and the Kwara lawmaker had degree in Veterinary’’

‘’ Are you serious? No wonder you don’t understand law and the principle of separation of power. You better admit for political science tutorial from students that know about A.V Dicey and Montesquieu’’

‘’ Are you mad? Don’t you know I’m a senator of the Eighth Assembly headed by SUV owner’’

‘’ I know. See, I don’t go to school but I will suggest you read the Newspapers and see your allegations’’

‘’ Okay. Now, it seems you want to act like Ali Nudme abi?’’

‘’ Oh! Senator, how far with your debut album?’’

‘’ I not a musician nor a producer. I’m a geographer representing Kogi West’’

‘’ Wait! Let me call boys on the street to sing your music’’

‘’ Boys:  Aje Ku Iya ni Oje! Aje Ku Iya ni Oje! Aje Ku Iya ni Oje!’’

‘’ Sir, this your music will win Grammy awards for best indigenous music’’

‘’ I sang this song?’’

‘’ Yes. Under the record label of Omoyele Sowore’’


Last week was drama and tales.  When the Senate suspended Senator Ali Ndume over allegation to the senate president Bukola Saraki and Uncle Dino Melaye.  That week, we knew that democracy is embodied with issues; and it embroils to what is happening in this country.

The suspension of Ali Ndume is nothing but a shameless act. His suspension was based on the report he saw on Newspaper that Bukola Saraki has a SUV Range Rover been seized by the Nigerian Custom; and a report on Senator Dino Melaye certificate forgery. These two reports were used as relevant excuse for his suspension.

Ali Ndume’s trouble started in December 2016 when he allegedly opposed the rejection of the acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr Ibrahim Magu by the senate.

Meanwhile, during the Christmas festivity, Ndume’s traducers plotted his removal as the senate leader. He was booted out as Leader. Senator Dino Melaye purportedly spearheaded his removal. And since then, Ndume has been a touchy issue to the senate.

The pace of legislative work is beyond bill. Also, the upper chamber still deliberated on Custom Chief Hameed Ali to have ignored summon to appear before the senate in uniform. That discussion became uproar among the senators, that the presidency should sack Hameed Ali and Ibrahim Magu. It isn’t rule of law but rule of egocentrism in the senate because they feel Magu will be a threat if the presidency refuses to sack him as the acting Chairman of the anti-graft agency.

Magu’s rejection by the senate has no bound. The presidency can send his name repeatedly. Although, according to the constitution, the presidency has no right to send his name at first, but I think President Buhari wants to oblige the legislature that why he sent his name in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Meanwhile, President Buhari’s disapproval to sack Mr. Magu has made the senate to refuse the names of the 27 Resident Electoral Commissioners (REC) being sent and likewise the two ministerial nominees. The senate have insisted that the presidency to sack Magu before anything can be done to the names. I see this as another trade mark to democracy; whereby the senators are now the grand commander of the federation which have the right to choose whoever they want in position.

Lest I forget, Nigeria assembly, in 2015, 150bn was allocated and later slashed in 2016 to 115bn. Which means Nigeria Senators and Honourables are the highest pay government official in the word. Even America whose system of government we adopted as 100 Senators and 435 Representatives in fifty five states. But in Nigeria, we have 109 Senators and 360 Representative in thirty six states.

If the senators think Nigerians don’t know what is going on that a big lie because there are many bills to execute rather than to speak on Magu and Hameed Ali. Perhaps, this nation needs to be addressed on issue that will give hope to the hopeless because that is primary priority of the government. Children, youth and aged on the street are observing. They feel Nigerians are masochists. Nigerians aren’t masochists but just observing what trade mark this democracy is bringing.

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