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Lovezone Creative Foundation adds shine to LGEA Community Forum



Non-profit organization Lovezone Creative Foundation based in Lagos Nigeria graced the community forum of the Lagos State Education Authority which held Wednesday November 24, 2022 at the Ikeja Primary School, Muiz Banire Street, Ikeja Lagos, where it donated educational materials to pupils in support of the enhancement of their education.

According to the founder of the foundation, Princess Cynthia Andrews while making the donation said that the foundation was all about making the society a better place for all by focusing on the less privileged in society.

“It takes a village to raise a child. When a society is an enlightened one, you will realize that so many of the things we bicker and fight over just palls in the light of knowledge, good self-esteem and an appreciable level of financial ability” Andrews averred.

“You would be surprised to know the abundant talents in these children in the streets, which represent vast assets allowed to waste away. At Lovezone, the onus is on us to work at making life meaningful for this ilk, and that is why we are here today in support of the good work of the government in making education accessible to every child in Lagos State.” She said.

Declaring the event open, host of the forum, Comrade Amosu AkeemAbolore who is the education secretary of Ikeja LGEA said that the day was dedicated to appreciate, celebrate and rejoice with amazing parents and thanked all for finding time to be present.

Speaking on behalf of Chief Opanubi Tayo the chairman of the occasion, SBMC of Adeniyi Jones primary school Ikeja Mrs. Sekaye Orimolade Okora thanked everyone for being present saying it was a complete forum which made it possible to follow up on the progress they were making in the education of Lagos State.

Eulogizing the impeccable strides of the state government in education in a chant “ Lagos State leads, others follow”, she charged the forum to continue to take up on the project zero initiative’ which seeks to mop up children in the streets in the state into classrooms, saying it was important to remember that there was still high percentage of out-of-school children, and therefore was one of “our principal responsibilities to continue to bring in this ilk and continue to consider it as a big project within our SCMC functions”.

Guest speaker at the event, Mr. Hamzat Teslim Omolaja, the H.O.D -SMO SUBEB speaking on the theme of the event “LEAVE NO CHILD BEHIND” said children in a community were everyone’s children and decried abandoning the culture where a child in a community belonged to all, saying that in itself had brought many problems. He called all to see every child in their communities as their own, charging them to fish out any child that was out-of-school and bring them to school saying the government was providing 12,000 out-of-school children in the state with their educational needs.

Harping on the importance of education, founder of TOS Educational Initiative, ambassador Taiwo Ololade Salvadore reiterated that as the city of excellence Lagos State leads and others follow, thanking the women whom she described as the backbone of society evident in their numbers at the event juxtaposed with the men.

Saying parents were the first and vital educational tool of the child, she charged parents to continue to take the education of their wards seriously, assuring that the government would do its part but the rest was in their hands.

There were presentations from project zero pupils, a playlet by parents, a cultural dance and a presentation of awards which effectively culminated activities at the event with the vote of thanks given by HOS, SMO Ikeja area, Mrs. Oke Abimbola Omolola who promised they’d continue to push hard the project zero initiative within the Ikeja LGEA and Lagos State at large.

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Chrisland School student slumps and dies during inter-house competition



By Eric Elezuo

Thursday, February 9, 2023, was supposed to be the happiest day in the life of both staff and students of Chrisland School, Opebi, Ikeja, as all looked forward to the school’s Inter-house sports competition.

For the Adendirans, their 12 years old precious daughter, Whitney, was going to be a beauty to watch, and so the mother made plans to attend the event in person at the Agege Stadium.

But what was supposed to be a happy moment for the staff and students of Chrisland School, the Adedirans, and a host of other parents turned into a nightmare. Whitney supposed slumped while the events were on. She was rushed to the clinic where she was pronounced dead.

Both the parents and teachers of the school are still at a loss as to what transpired and may have led to the sudden death of the student.

Recall that the death of the student is the second time in recent times the school will come under the radar for the wrong reasons. Earlier in 2022, students of the institution were captured on video engaging in sex while on an excursion to Dubai.

A lot of people have commented on the matter raising concerns about what could have happened.

According to a staff of the institution, who preferred anonymity, the said student just slumped and died, and the whole matter surprised everyone.

“She didn’t participate in any competition, not even marching. We are still wondering what must have happened. Only God knows,” the source said.

Commenting on the tragic incident, the father of the child, Micheal Adeniran, said his daughter was not sick when the school bus picked her up for the event.

“To the biggest shock of my life by 1 pm in the afternoon, I got a call from my wife that she was informed that our daughter slumped at the inter-house sport and she was rushed to the clinic.

“My wife was at the venue even before the event started. She was never informed or called until they have conveyed our child out of the venue before they informed her. On arrival of my wife at the health center where they took my daughter. my daughter was lying dead with her lips black and her tongue black.

“My wife called me urgently, I left my office to the place and found my 12year old daughter lying dead on the ground. I asked questions about what happened to my daughter and the school authority could not get me any information as to what happened to my child in their care.

“I gave Chrisland school a healthy vibrant young girl what Chrisland returned to me is a dead child. My entire family is in deep sorrow but the school Authorities claimed they know nothing about my daughter’s death and all they know is that my daughter slumped and died.

“My question is what happened to my daughter at Agege stadium? As a father, I demand answers from Chrisland International High School. I am in deep pain and sorrow right now. If you are a father you will understand my pain. My daughter is highly loved by us. We cherished her existence and we can never allow an institution to gloss over the death of our daughter.

“Since we started asking this question. The school has been asking us to back down from the autopsy and I know they know their way into the system. I am calling on the pathology department of @lasuth to please be honest with their result. Lagos State government, Nigerian Government, please intervene,” the  bereaved father wrote in a social media post.

The girl’s mother also made a public post about the sad event.

According to the mother, she was in the inter-house sports event when she discovered her daughter was nowhere to be found during the school activities.

“During the match past, I looked, the first house matched, I didn’t see my child. The second house matched, but I didn’t see my child. The third house matched, but I didn’t see my child. I became worried”, she said.

Along the line, she had decided to search for her child around the stadium, then a student had revealed to her that Whitney fainted and was rushed to a clinic

She further stated that no teacher or staff called her to speak of her daughter’s state, and after meeting a staff, they said her daughter had been rushed to the hospital.

Upon her arrival at the hospital, she met her daughter’s corpse on the bed, she said, “I went in there and saw my daughter’s corpse. I saw my daughter on her deathbed. She was already dead when I saw her. She was drenched and soaked to her skin. Water was dripping out. I screamed, I called on God. I shouted. I called on God”

Mrs. Adeniran further stated that the school claimed that her daughter suffered from a cardiac arrest which led to her death.

“How can a 12-year-old have a cardiac arrest? No pre-existing medical or heart condition. Even if they claim it was cardiac arrest, how can one single arrest kill a healthy teenager?”

In light of the grievous event, the school management also released a press statement on Sunday, to shed light on what had transpired.

The statement read; “The management and staff of Chrisland Schools Limited, with a deep sense of loss, announce the death of our precious student, Whitney Adeniran; whose painful exit occurred on Thursday, February 9th, 2023.

“We are heartbroken and distressed. Whitney was one of our Day students who opted not to participate in the inter-house sports match past for reasons we were not very sure of.

“However, on discretion, we respected her decision to err on the side of caution, because, on January 20, 2023, it is in our records that she had complained about not-too-buoyant health and we immediately contacted her parents.

“Her father, Mr. Michael Adeniran, came to the school to take her home. We emphasized to her parents to take a critical look at her.

“Our immediate response was to take advantage of proximity to first-aid, by identifying the nearest medical facility to take her to, where the doctor on duty, administered oxygen and every aid possible on her.

“We immediately notified regulatory stakeholders and agencies to allow for a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the developments.”

“In spite of the compelling imperatives to fill any information gaps in public space, we stopped short of making any media sensation out of this, because the deceased in question, was a minor and is deserving of our unqualified respect.”

“We also prioritized according to respect for the privacy of the family and were with them consistently, to mourn together. This is a painful loss for all of us,”

“As we continue to uphold the sobriety of this moment, we resist any urge to join issues on her treasured memory, in media trends.”

“As we await the outcome of an independent post-mortem process, we remain unwaveringly committed to supporting the family at this critical moment and pray fervently for the fortitude to bear her painful loss,”

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, verified the happening the case was under investigation and necessary measures were being put in place.

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Lovezone Foundation Welcomes Ikeja Pupils Back to School with donation of books, others.



Lagos based Non-Governmental Organization, the lovezone Creative Foundation has boosted the morale of students of schools in Ikeja Lagos with donation of books, uniforms, pencils and other stationeries to welcome them back to school as a new term begins.

Making the donation at the Ikeja Primary school, Lagos, founder of the organization, Princess Ivie Andrew stressed that every child had a future but what many of them lacked was the opportunity .

“A large number of parents/guardians cannot afford to send their wards to school, a situation worsened by the economic downturn.

Many children have been forced to drop out of school and sent to the streets to help their families’ (and their own) survival. This calls for intervention by well meaning people and organizations”. She disclosed.

lovezone Creative Foundation has been working in consonance with the Project Zero initiative of the Lagos State Government designed to tackle the menace of out-of-school children in the State by enrolling pupils back into government-owned primary schools, in the regular provision of exercise books and writing materials, school uniforms etc., to encourage and stimulate learning.

In his address, the Education Secretary of Ikeja Amosun Akeem Abolore who is also chairman of all Education Secretaries in the zone, said the government was investing a great deal on pupils/students in the state to bring the best out of them. He thanked the foundation for its continued support and
prayed God to continue to bless its founder who has always been looking ahead of the children.

Education stakeholder Mrs. Lolade Taiwo Bello who is also the SW Coordinator of The Asiwaju Group (TAG), in conjunction with whom the event held, explained to the pupils, the need for them to take their education seriously and advised them to judiciously use the items given them which also included refreshment packs.

The pupils also had a stint with Miss Ahuva Victoria on psychology; basically, interaction with peers; dos and don’ts, bullying, good self-esteem etc.

It will be recalled that the lovezone Creative Foundation reeled out various food items to indigent residents of Ikeja during the yuletide to help them also celebrate the season.


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Most Criticised Candidate Will Win 2023 Presidential Poll -Iginla



The founder of Champions Royal Assembly, Abuja, Prophet Joshua Iginla, has predicted that the most criticised and hated of the presidential candidates will win the 2023 poll.
Iginla, who issues prophetic declarations on a yearly basis said this on Tuesday in his latest ‘prophetic release’.
According to PM News, Iginla, warned the ruling party not to take anything for granted.
He was quoted as saying, “For 2023, those of you following me from 2021, 2022 will attest to it that even before the primaries of the political parties, I said Wike is a factor and Tinubu too is a major factor. And you attest to what happened in 2022.
“Don’t misquote me, the ruling party should not be over courageous because I see a fight of two lions and a tiger especially in the gubernatorial elections of some states. There will be a win and gain here and a lost there. Concerning the presidential election, I see the most criticised and hated candidate emerging winner under the permissive will of God. Don’t under estimate the Labour Party.”
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