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BY: Ademola Orunbon

  First and Foremost, let me congratulate the winners of elections at their various positions in persons of Comrade Soji Amosu of News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), as the new Chairman of the State Council, Comrade Kunle Olayeni of New Telegraph (Correspondent), as Vice Chairman, Comrade Ayokunle Ewuoso of (Information), Secretary of the council, Comrade Abiodun Taiwo of Daily Times (Correspondent), as Assistant Secretary and the rest other of the Executives Council of the state NUJ, who took the mantle of leadership unopposed. Though, not that you were the best candidates to be emerged but the people voted you in to entrust their affairs of the council on you and to test your ability, capability, forthrightness and prudence in handling the positions of authority, rather not to be seeing yourselves as the best among the contenders. And you should not see those who lost out in the elections as failure but among them are even better in educational background, intelligence quotient (IQ) and even what it takes to steer the boat of the NUJ Ogun State council.

And let me sermon those who lost in the race, that winners  do not quit and quitter do not win, they are kindhearted fellow members of the council as they did their best to win the race and assume the leadership of the council. Notwithstanding, when two are fighting for a position or the others, it is one person will eventually emerge as the favourite candidate, indeed, I really salute your courages, compassionates, steadfastness and comradeship in accepting defeat at the elections and congratulated the winners, in persons of Comrade Oluremi Olugbenro, Comrade Abiodun Ogundipe, Comrade Daud Olatunde, Comrade Goke Oyebade, Comrade Bisi Alarape and the rest of all, as you accept defeat and stretch the hands of comradeship to the winners too. I really doff my hat and congratulations to you all too!

By and large, the election is over, and while the winners and wailers were basking in euphoria and celebrating of their winnings, they should not also remember those who lost in the elections that they might not be happy as the winners were rejoicing, not because they incur any debit to run the race but the chances to offer his/her best to the council was dashed by losing in the elections. That’s more reasons why those being elected need to work assiduously and also work in glove with those who lost out, so as to bring sanity and the lost glory of the council back. In fact, they really need to co-opt those who lost to them, on the activities of the council, not to see themselves as a semi god but just ordinary members of the state council. It was just the will of God that let them emerged victoriously, not by their qualifications, outstanding, egoism or tbeir meritorious work.

Now, the hurdle ahead of the new Executive Council Members (exco) of the council, if you look vividly at the council, you will realize that they have deviate from the original missions, visions and objectives of establishing the council which was named as “Iwe Irohin,” it happened to be a place of meeting point for reputable Journalists and well known people in the society but now it has became of a point of convergence for prostitutes and drunkards, due to non-challant attitude, recklessness and love for money of our larders that direct the affairs of the council. The council now become a dominance of illiterates, prostitutes, drunkards and the rest of all. The core Journalists threatened to abandon their council for aliens all because of illegality been perpetrated on daily basis at the secretariat. The NUJ members were not given their due respect from those nonentity that occupied the place.

This make me recalled while “Iwe Irohin” was established in 1840s by the missionaries of the Presbyterian Church when they arrived Nigeria. They settled down in an area known as English Town in Calabar. Among these missionaries was Rev. Henry Townsend who later moved to Abeokuta in the 1850s. In Abeokuta, he established a printing press in 1854 which he used, five years later, to publish the first newspaper in Nigeria called “Iwe Irohin Fun Awon Ara Egba Ati Yoruba.”

The first edition of the newspaper came out on November 23, 1859. Later on, the newspaper was published fortnightly (every 15 days) and sold for 120 cowries (Ogofa Owo Eyo, equivalent to a penny). James Ede, who was trained by Henry Townsend, served as the Chief Printer of the newspaper. Iwe Irohin was highly patronized by the few literates of that time living in Egba and the entire Yoruba land. The circulation of the paper was around 3,000 as at that time. Rev. Henry Townsend’s main purpose of setting up the newspaper then was to make the new converts read and write. He himself said: “my objective is to get the people to read and to beget the habit of seeking information by reading.”

If you look at the motive behind the establishment of Iwe Irohin then, you will observe that our generation has trespassed from this objectives by turning the secretariat into a prostitution and drunkard’s den, all because of their greed and avarice. Iwe Irohin further published news of church activities, arrival and departure of religious dignitaries, ordinations and so on. It was later broadened its contents by adding stories about Abeokuta, cotton and coca statistics, and starting from 1960, the newspaper carried advertisement from local firms and government agencies. The newspaper was cautioned by the C.M.S authorities in 1863 for some of its contents that antagonized the colonial government, but this didn’t stop Townsend from running his newspaper.

Now, the core value of establishment of  Iwe Irohin has already faded in the hands of selfish leaders and it is not over until it is all over. Moreover, the essence of journalism is just as simple as A, B, and C, if we can take the bull by the horn, thus is to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies and their governments. Yes. if we can admit that and act upon that, it will better for you and I. Likewise too, news is a major aspect of our job too, that is; communication that keeps us informed of the changing events, issues and character in the world outside. Once this was all our jobs entails, why not changing ourselves, our secretariat and many others for better. Though, it may be interesting or even entertaining, but foremost value of news (which is our job), is as utility to empower the informed. Now, these questions are demanding for quick response from my colleagues. What are we informing? Who are we informing? When, Where Why are we informing and How are we informing? As the adage says: Charity begins at home! Do we comport ourselves as well? Do we informed well as an informer, as a journalist? With this, let us come together as one entity to move the council forward, it is our collective responsibility to move the council to the greater height.

Now to the NUJ state council of elders in Ogun state which comprises of our former NUJ chairmen, directors, deputy directors in the Ministries of information both at the Federal and state level and other former members of the executive council were too gentle to my taste. What are they doing to let the council backwardness among the comity of council of the federation? You people were the ones we are usually counted on, you have let the council shattered beyond a reasonable and repairable stage. Sirs/Mas, you have a lot to do in redeeming the image of the council; before the national level. Now that another sets of executive members have resumed office in to ran the helm of the affairs of the council, it is better for you Sirs/Mas to reunite everybody in a fold by summon all and sundry, ask them of their grievances and let them register it and for once settle it amicably and lets forge ahead for better future of the council. It is better to do it now or never.

Long Live NUJ Ogun state Council

Long Live Ogun state government

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria

Orunbon, a journalist and public affairs analyst, wrote in from Abeokuta, Ogun state.

Can be reached or 08034493944, 08029301122

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Prayerful woman of God and Founder, Esther Ajayi Foundation, Rev. Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi has urged political and religious leaders to embrace unity, preach peace and ensure they promote togetherness.
Rev. Mother Ajayi who is also the General Overseer, Love Of Christ Church, Clapham, London made the call at a Press Conference held in Lagos ahead of the July 20th “Celebrate The Comforter 2019” programme scheduled for Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos.
She noted that the annual event which had previously been held in the United Kingdom and the United States will be coming to Nigeria for the first time and it is aimed at unifying Christians and Nigerians in general.
According to her “Religious political and traditional rulers have a special role to play in ensuring that what remains of peace in the country is jealously guarded. Religious leaders should however, readily accept blames for the present moral decadence among the youths because it appears they have failed in their roles as the set of people to mould the future for the youths, they should therefore work in unison with the government in ensuring that those that visit places of worship have messages of moral uprightness consistently drummed into their ears.

Chairman, Executive Council C&S Unification Church of Nigeria, Pastor Emmanuel Owomoyela, Founder, Love of Christ Generation C&S Church in Clapham, London, Rev. Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi & Rev. Ademuyiwa Ajayi at the Unveiling of the memorabilia for July 20, The Comforter 2019 programme held at the Sheraton Hotel, Lagos

 “The Fundamental objective of the Comforter 2019 is to bring the Celestial and Cherubim and Seraphim churches together and to tell the world that we believe solely in the word of God. The 2018 edition a joint revival tagged ‘Celebrate The Comforter’ and themed ‘Unity In The Holy Spirit’ was held on Saturday, 28th of July 2018 at United Palace New York and it recorded a huge success and attendance.I am happy to inform you that the 2019 edition of the annual programme is slated to hold in Lagos, Nigeria at the famous Tafawa Balewa Square on the 20th of July.
She stated  that ” during the “Celebrate The Comforter” programme, “we evangelize, get people freed from shackles of poverty, win souls for christ and celebrate the wonders of God in the lives of the people”.
She added that as a form of encouraging the youths and giving them a sense of belonging, youths who excel in academic endeavour should be celebrated in churches and mosques to encourage others and get it registered in their subconscious minds that excellence is appreciated rather than the regular celebration of only those with financial accomplishments.
Rev Mother Ajayi stated that the “Celebrate The Comforter” programme is unique because the past editions have helped to change preconceived ideas about white garment churches, adding that like all other Christians, the Bible is the foundation of their faith and we all worship one God. She further asked everyone to eschew discrimination of any denomination and faith.
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June 12 as Nigeria’s Democracy Day & The Danger Ahead



By Nelson Ekujumi
In less than 72 hours from now, history will be made as Nigeria officially commemorate June 12 as Democracy Day after a 26 years struggle by patriotic and conscientious Nigerians from across ethnic and religious divide who have stood resolutely committed to this great day in our political history when Nigerians united in one voice with their votes for Chief MKO Abiola as Nigeria’s President on June 12, 1993 in an election that has been repeatedly referred to as the freest, fairest and most credible election in Nigeria’s history.
Despite the anti democratic action of ex Military dictator Ibrahim Babangida and his collaborators to truncate the people’s will that was freely and democratically expressed on June 12, 1993 by the treasonable annulment of that mandate and which was undemocratically sustained by anti democratic elements who succeeded him and successive civilian admistrations since 1999 till President Muhammadu Buhari mounted the saddle and did the needful in 2018, come 3 days time, history will be made in Nigeria as democracy triumphs once again over despotism like it always does eventually.
However, as we look forward to the commemoration of the day with joy in our hearts and gratitude to the Almighty for being fortunate to be part of our national history of declaration and recognition of June 12 as Nigeria’s democracy day for which thousands of Nigerians sacrificed their lives, limbs, freedom, business, careers, dehumanized and properties worth millions of naira lost in the process for which we are still bearing the brunt till today which is rather sad. It is important to draw attention of Nigerians and the government to series of clandestine evil plots by anti democratic elements who were part and parcel and supporters of the annulment from which they benefitted immensely in cash and kind.
These anti democratic elements and their sponsors are on the prowl, hell bent and working hard to ensure that the joy of this national victory of democracy over despotism is undermined through false alarm of incitement to provoke anarchy and social unrest, but by God’s grace, they will fail.
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BreakingNews: Gbajabiamila emerges House Speaker



Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila has emerged Speaker of the 9th Federal House of Representatives, Igbere TV reports.

Igbere TV reports that Gbaja emerged speaker after defeating Bago in an event monitored live at the NASS complex by our correspondents on Tuesday.

He polled 283 votes to defeat Bago who scored 76 votes.

Gbajabiamila, House of Reps Majority Leader, is the All Progressives Congress adopted candidate and member representing a constituency in Lagos State.

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