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Rivers APC: Sack Aguma, Abe and their cohorts from party now, Eze tells Buni



After several efforts by the Buni led Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at reconciling members and rebuilding the distressed chapter of the party in Rivers State, hope still seems not to be on sight as peace appears to have taken perpetual flight from the circle of the Rivers Progressives family which has long been enmeshed in the turbulent waters of legal mechanics and acrobatics and which culminated in the denial of the party its  constitutionally guaranteed right to field candidates for national and state parliamentary seats and other positions in government during the 2019 polls.

This revelation was made by the erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (A PC), Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, in a statement made available to media houses, Wednesday 16 December, 2020.

According to the party chief, a critical scrutiny and in-depth analysis of the body languages and verbal expressions of Chief Igo Aguma and Senator Magnus Abe on recent developments in the All Progressives Congress succinctly suggest that the duo may have sworn to an oath with the devil never to allow the Rivers APC take up the responsibility and play the necessary roles befitting of a responsible, progressive, people-oriented and democratically inclined political organization in the state.

With the litany of available facts and records in connection with their satanic artifice against the party and her teeming members and supporters, Chief Eze said it will be foolhardy for the leadership of the APC to tolerate their renewed onslaught and treat them with kids gloves given the fact that this times are too serious for the party to continue to accommodate serial saboteurs.

For the duo to continue to boast in the open that the party will no longer exist let alone participate in the 2023 general elections is enough reason not only to sanction but expel them as a matter of urgency, unless the party hierarchy is conniving and cooperating with this same known mercenaries of the Peoples Democratic Party and Gov. Wike, to exterminate the Rivers state chapter of the APC.

“The singular fact that Abe, Aguma and their cohorts have defiled the directive of President Mohammadu Buhari and the leadership of the party to the effect that court cases instituted by party members should be withdrawn is enough reason to lead the moles to the exit door and allow for sanity within the progressives fold”. Eze lamented.

Given the reality that majority of their allies have left them for the PDP which clearly indicates that they will no longer have the capacity to compete for any position in the party after the membership update and revalidation excerise billed to commence by January, 2020, the duo prefer to ensure that the excerise will not take place in the State. This is nothing but sheer witchcraftcy, gross cowardice and it is diabolical and highly  condemnable.

Eze described Aguma’s recent statement questioning Amaechi’s credentials to aspire for any higher position in Nigeria though laughable as coming from a misguided, demented and dammed mind that needs our collective prayers Psychiatric evaluation For a fellow  like Aguma who because of hunger and questionable political intents to question Amaechi’s credentials knowing whom Amaechi is and what he has achieved politically in Nigeria simply demonstrates that Aguma has gone so down and needs an immediate help before his case becomes irredeemable.

The party stalwart specifically pointed out that recent statement credited to former Rivers  South/East representative at the Red Chambers of the National Assembly, Sen. Magnus Abe, unambiguously suggests that the Ogoni-born politician and his band of goofy and sycophantic followers may be scheming to throw the party into yet another round of crisis in the continuous pursuit of their selfish private vendatta notwithstanding the shame and fatal misfortune they brought to the APC during the electioneering period preceding the 2019 polls which was the nadir of the whole misadventure.

Sen. Magnus Abe, had in a statement signed by his spokesperson, Parry Saroh Benson, described as an act of impunity, the inauguration of the local government and ward Caretaker Committees of the APC in Rivers State, adding that “it was the same attitude of insensibility that has kept the party comatose in Rivers State”.

Further excerpts from the statement read “It is this imperial approach to the challenges facing the party without the input and consultation of other stakeholders, that is responsible for the crisis in the party. It is clear that those who believe in the power of man are once again on the move.

“It is indeed unfortunate at this critical time in the political game, that the APC in Rivers State has learnt nothing and forgotten nothing, it appears that the minister and his supporters are still hell-bent on “their way or the highway”.

“The end result of this kind of behaviour is not difficult to predict. As usual, it will end in failure. When it fails, Nigerians should note that the choice of impunity, disrespect for party members, exclusion of critical stakeholders, contempt for judicial pronouncements and petty arrogance, over humility and inclusiveness is the foundation of our serial failure as a party”.

Reacting to the balderdash and stuff and nonsense, Chief Eze said Abe may have gone conscienceless, pointing out that only a man who has lost cognitive orientation will display the level of desperation over an inordinate ambition as Abe did in 2018/19, and without remorse, still reserve the temerity to make reckless comments with impunity in the public space.

He said in saner climes, the likes of Abe would not only be hiding their faces in shame, but also be isolated from partisan politics, having traded the very fair electoral fortunes of the APC for a paltry bowl of stew like the biblical Esau and loosing everything remaining of his integrity and sense of morality.

Admonishing the APC to be weary of Sen. Abe and his usual satanic schemings and artifice, the party stalwart said investigations have revealed that the People’s Democratic Party has declared Sen. Abe a persona non grata, and as a result, he is bared from seeking membership of the party, given his antecedents and defective political moorings which wrecked havoc on the Rivers APC in the recent past.

He described the continuous stay of Sen. Abe, Igo Aguma and others in the All Progressives Congress as a gross misnomer, a huge threat to the much desired peace and anticipated tranquillity and called on the Gov. Mai Mala Buni led Caretaker Committee to expel the former Rivers South/East Senator and his ally, Aguma, from the party for making themselves willing tools in the hands of Gov. Wike and the PDP at the detriment of a party they claim to be members.

The party Chief said the APC has shown more than fair leniency to Abe to the tune of considering him for an appointment. He averred that allowing Abe to always get away with undue concessions will only empower him to ask for more without respect for what is right.

He described the antecedents of the former Secretary to the State Government as a practical exhibition of crude desperation for power, stressing that his ambition, if unchecked, is capable of relegating democracy to the background as it remains a nightmare to the free exercise of franchise by citizens as guaranteed by national laws and international treaties.

Eze commended members of the Caretaker And Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee of the All Progressives Congress, led by Gov. Buni of Yobe state, for their commitment towards stabilizing the party across the states and assured them the support of all progressives of good will.

The party stalwart also congratulated the Rivers APC Caretaker Committee headed by Barr. Isaac Abbott Obuogbula for their appointment and subsequent inauguration. He described the constitution of Caretaker Committees at the local government area and ward levels as a strategic step to fill every speculative gap in the leadership of the party at all strata.



Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

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Buni Replies Akande, Says APC Membership Revalidation Constitutional



The Chairman of the Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Yobe State Governor, Alhaji Mai Mala Buni, yesterday took issue with the former Interim National Chairman of the party, Chief Bisi Akande, over his criticism of the ongoing membership registration and revalidation.
Buni, responding to Akande’s Wednesday comments that the exercise is a needless and an unnecessary waste of funds, described the membership drive as a constitutional provision and a strategic measure by the committee to give existing and new members a sense of belonging.
However, the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lauded Akande for exposing what it called the fraud in the APC’s membership drive.
Akande had described the exercise as an indefensible aberration leading to certain ugly perceptions.
He also described the exercise as a waste of money considering the economic situation of the country.
But Buni, in a statement yesterday by his Director-General, Press and Media Affairs, Mr. Mamman Mohammed, said the registration and revalidation would assist the party to generate a valid, accurate and up-to-date data on party membership to enhance and support its planning process.
He stated: “Since the initial exercise in 2014, the party has not registered new members nor updated the personal information of our existing members as provided for by the constitution.
“The registration exercise gives our new members a sense of belonging and the existing members will update their information while those who left the party will have their names removed from the party register.”
Buni added that the party has succeeded in building a new confidence among its members and reassuring them of new hope.
He noted that the focus of the caretaker committee is to strengthen the party through a bottom-up approach and to carry everyone on board.
According to him, the caretaker committee has reconciled many aggrieved members and factions across the country, including the Zamfara State factions among others and bringing in prominent politicians into APC, including the Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief David Umahi.
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Omoyele Sowore And His Accomplice Needs To Learn From Bobi Wine Of Uganda



By: Giwa Murtala Omotola
Music star turned grassroot politician stands as the strongest candidate challenging the 76 year old former rebel leader who seized power in 1986 and has held onto it since. The rebel commander was just 41 years old when he seized power, promising Ugandans security, a stronger economy and a better future. Bobi is the major and most popular candidate that has summoned the courage to stop the longtime President Yoweri Museveni’s bid to win a sixth term. Bobi had done more than enough despite a harrowing experience during electoral campaigns.
Before his entry into politics, Bobi Wine was a self styled “ghetto president”.
He grew up in Kamwokya, a slum in the centre of Kampala. It was when he was still in Kampala that he began making music, producing a number of reggae, pop and hip hop hits. But his music became increasingly political over time. In songs such as Rise Up and Freedom, he complained about corruption and called for change.
He didn’t go for the presidential seat first not because he was not popular then, he started as member of parliament in 2017 representing Kyadondo East, winning by a landslide in a bye election. He went there to gather influence and to have a voice before forging ahead. In a series of bye elections he campaigned for candidates who defeated hopefuls from the NRM.
Bobi have been singing for almost 20 years. He was very popular with his lyrics and styles, he has dropped numerous change messages through his ‘rab dhaba’ music style, So it’s as if he has been campaigning, all his musical career. His song Tuliyambala Engule (We Shall Wear the Victor’s Crown) has become one of the campaign’s unofficial anthems. Bobi have been aiming the seat for long, that’s the reason why he started from the grassroot.
He is different from Sowore and some other accidental politicians that cannot win a single polling unit not to talk of ward during election. Bobi wine party NUP has structures everywhere unlike Sowore a structureless politician. Bobi Wine party have members in the parliament, they won most of the bye elections in Uganda, Bobi Wine also emerge through bye election.
He established an independent tallying centre to check against potential rigging. Whereas some of the noisemakers don’t have polling unit agent, in my polling unit Sowore party don’t have polling unit agent, there is nobody to check if he was rigged out or not. You can only see him monitoring election on social media.
Bobi started his political career as member of parliament, his party have won numerous elections in Uganda. Most of our Youth in Nigeria don’t want to start from the grassroot, they want to be president overnight without proper permutation and adequate calculation. Bobi was not planning any revolution, he came out to defeat Museveni through the ballot not protesting on daily basis to disrupt public peace and gain unnecessary attention.
Upon our agitation for effective leadership and good governance in Nigeria, none of our politicians have single handedly ruled for 30 years even during military era there was change of leadership. Uganda deserve change in leadership there is no doubt about that, Museveni needs to step aside for another person to come on board. Its crystal clear that seeking re-election for another sixth term in office is a rape on African democracy.
It is widely believed that Museveni’s son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, is being lined up to take over from him. Kainerugaba is currently the commander of the Special Forces, which is tasked with protecting the president. The era of Museveni needs to end. Museveni want to turn Uganda to a monarchical state.
Finally, Sowore and his cohorts needs to have a rethink, they need to go to the grassroot like the way Bobi Wine is presently doing now in Uganda, there is no polling unit on social media, election can only be won through the ballot not media ranting.
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House impeaches Trump for ‘incitement of insurrection’



The House voted Wednesday to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time in a swift and bipartisan condemnation of the President’s role inciting last week’s riot at the US Capitol.

The House voted 232 to 197 to impeach Trump exactly one week after rioters forced lawmakers to flee from the very chamber in which they cast ballots in the fourth presidential impeachment in US history — and the first time a President has been impeached twice. Ten Republicans, including the House’s No. 3 Republican, Liz Cheney of Wyoming, joined all Democrats to impeach Trump for “incitement of insurrection.”
While impeachment won’t force Trump from office — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said Trump won’t face his trial until after President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in next week — the vote was a visceral response from lawmakers in both parties furious at Trump after a deadly pro-Trump mob overran Capitol Police, ransacked the US Capitol and put the lives of Vice President Mike Pence and lawmakers in danger last week.
“We know that the President of the United States incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion against our common country,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on the House floor ahead of the vote. “He must go. He is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love.”
The speed of the vote and the Republican support underscores the fury that lawmakers feel about Trump’s role inciting the rioters who overtook the Capitol, who were fueled by Trump’s months of false rhetoric about the election being stolen from him. Cheney’s statement was cited by impeachment supporters and detractors alike Wednesday after she charged that Trump “summoned this mob, assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack.”
“There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution,” Cheney said.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday that Trump “bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters,” urging the President to accept his share of responsibility and “quell the brewing unrest.” McCarthy, however, argued the House should create a bipartisan commission instead of impeachment.
“I believe impeaching the President in such a short timeframe would be a mistake,” McCarthy said. “No investigations have been completed. No hearings have been held.”
The division within the Republican Party starkly contrasts the House Democrats’ 2019 impeachment of Trump, when House Republicans were united in opposition. The Republicans besides Cheney voting to impeach Trump on Wednesday were Reps. John Katko of New York, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Fred Upton of Michigan, Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington, Dan Newhouse of Washington, Peter Meijer of Michigan, Tom Rice of South Carolina, Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio and David Valadao of California.
Rice, a Republican from a conservative district who was not expected to vote for impeachment, said in a statement after the vote that it was the President’s response to the riot that led him to cross the aisle.
“The President has not addressed the nation to ask for calm. He has not visited the injured and grieving. He has not offered condolences. Yesterday in a press briefing at the border, he said his comments were ‘perfectly appropriate,'” Rice said.
“I have backed this President through thick and thin for four years. I campaigned for him and voted for him twice. But, this utter failure is inexcusable,” the South Carolina Republican added.
In the Senate, McConnell is not planning to bring the Senate back for a trial before January 19, meaning the trial won’t begin until Trump is out of office and Biden has been sworn in.
The majority leader said in a statement following the vote that a trial could not be completed ahead of Biden’s inauguration even if it started beforehand, and he wanted Congress and the executive branch to spend the next week focused on “facilitating a safe inauguration and an orderly transfer of power.”
In a note to his GOP colleagues Wednesday afternoon, McConnell wrote, “I have not made a final decision on how I will vote and I intend to listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the Senate.”
McConnell has indicated he believes impeaching Trump will make it easier to get rid of the President and Trumpism from the Republican Party, sources said Tuesday. McConnell is facing a delicate balance — a number of his GOP colleagues have made clear they oppose impeachment and the Kentucky Republican famously loathes anything that divides his conference, according to a source familiar with the matter.
But the source says McConnell is also keenly aware of the moment in history — and the moment for the Republican Party. McConnell’s shift against Trump has been apparent for those watching him closely. He cut off contact with Trump weeks ago and has made clear he has no plans ever to speak to him again.
For House Democrats, the disagreements that divided their caucus on impeachment in 2019 simply never materialized. Democrats quickly coalesced around using impeachment in the final days of Trump’s presidency to serve as a proper response to the President’s conduct and as a way to push for his removal from office before the end of his term, although that scenario looks unlikely.
Pence sent a letter Tuesday saying he would not seek to invoke the 25th Amendment as Democrats had urged, and Trump is not considering resigning.
Pelosi has brushed aside Republican efforts to take a different action, such as censure, in response to Trump’s role in the riot. She named impeachment managers on Tuesday evening, a team of nine Democrats who will be led by Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, ahead of a likely trial not long after Biden is sworn in. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said late Tuesday the House would send the articles to the Senate immediately.
Democrats only grew more resolute in their push to impeach Trump over the riot as more information has come out about the attack on the Capitol, including violent images of Capitol Police officers being attacked, and the death of a Capitol Police officer. Wednesday’s vote occurred while thousands of National Guard troops were present every nook of the Capitol complex ahead of next week’s inauguration, and they slept on the floors of the Capitol building the night before the impeachment vote.
After the House vote, Trump released a video statement calling for calm as the threat of new riots — which Trump said he’d been briefed on by the Secret Service — casts a pall over Washington. But he did not mention the historic impeachment that had occurred a few hours earlier.
Trump has showed no contrition for his role in last week’s Capitol riot, railing against impeachment on Tuesday in his first public remarks since the incident. A source close to the President said he’s not considering resigning.
“It’s been analyzed,” Trump said of his remarks last week to the crowd before the riots. “People thought what I said was totally appropriate.”

What the trial could look like

Wednesday’s impeachment vote will complicate the opening days of the Biden administration, both in his efforts to reach out to Republicans and because the Senate is likely to be tied up with a trial just as Biden is taking office.
In a statement Wednesday evening, the President-elect noted that “it was a bipartisan vote cast by members who followed the Constitution and their conscience,” before turning to the pandemic.
“This nation also remains in the grip of a deadly virus and a reeling economy,” Biden said. “I hope that the Senate leadership will find a way to deal with their Constitutional responsibilities on impeachment while also working on the other urgent business of this nation.”
Biden is still awaiting word on whether the Senate will be able to do an impeachment trial alongside Cabinet confirmation hearings and Covid-19 relief legislation. Aides say Biden and his team are working behind the scenes with Senate Democrats — and House impeachment managers — to keep the impeachment trial as swift as possible, although the length remains an open question.
Both Biden and Schumer have argued that the Senate will try to divide its days, so the Senate can confirm Biden’s nominees and consider Covid-19 stimulus legislation while also carrying out the impeachment trial.
House impeachment managers are just starting to lay out their strategy for the case they plan to bring and are wary about stepping on the first days of Biden’s presidency.
Several managers told CNN decisions have not been made over a key issue: Whether to seek witnesses and attempt to subpoena documents for the trial, which could prolong it.
But McConnell indicating he’s in no rush to bring the Senate back early into session, House managers have more time to begin their strategy sessions.
Raskin told CNN that they are still assessing whether to seek witnesses.
One possible witness is Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. The article of impeachment references Trump’s pressure campaign against the official to “find” the votes necessary to overturn Biden’s win in the state.
Asked if Raffensperger would be called as a witness, Rep. Madeleine Dean, one of nine impeachment managers, said she didn’t “want to preview” the case and they were only just beginning organizational meetings.
Democrats, though, seem to be wary about starting the trial on the same day Biden is sworn into office.
“Certainly not,” Dean said when asked if it would be a good idea to start on January 20. “The President and vice president deserve (their day)… We have to restore a peaceful transfer of power which Donald Trump deliberately incited people against.”
This story has been updated with additional developments Wednesday.

Source: CNN

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